KineMaster MOD APK v6.2.4.28130 [Without Watermark]

App Name:KineMaster MOD APK 
Publisher:KineMaster Corporation
Genre:Video Editor, Video Maker
Size:96.4 MB 
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022

About Kinemaster MOD APK


The KineMaster MOD APK is one of the exciting applications for editing your videos. There are numerous templates available for all users. You can edit any of them and start creating new videos of your own choice.

There are numerous options for adding diverse elements to make your videos interesting. You can add stickers, emojis, filters, frames, and also text to your videos. This adds more attraction to the editing quality of this KineMaster application.

It is an exciting application to install on your Android smartphone. Videography has gained a huge amount of attention and popularity nowadays. 

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There are new and exciting platforms for all the people which require uploading good content videos. This kinemaster video editing application will provide you with numerous features. It will give you an exciting platform for creating high-quality and exciting videos.

This is an Android-free application that is not limited to anyone. Filters, effects, transition options, stickers, emojis, text editing, and other features give this application more attraction and popularity among videographers.


Kinemaster APK 

The users can easily download this KineMaster APK on their Android phones for importing and exporting exciting videos. It provides a variety of editing features beyond your expectations. You can easily use numerous tools.

These tools can be used for cropping your videos or cutting and slicing them. You can also combine different videos and make them beautiful one wines special effect. Numerous music and sound effects are also available for making the videos more attractive and appealing. Numerous videographers make videos daily. 

So this kinemaster application is one of the best ways for them. It is a free tool to use for all Android users. You can also share the videos made on this application on various social media platforms. Various features are locked in this original version of the kinemaster application.

But you can get the unlocked features as well in the modified version of this application. The latest version is very unique and available with more features. Download this application and have fun by creating exciting videos of your daily adventures.


Kinemaster APK Features:

Following are the features available in the kinemaster application that will be enjoyed by all the users:

High-Quality Videos 

  • The users are provided with this application for creating high-quality videos. All the videos will be available in higher resolution. You can upload these videos on various social media platforms also because they are free and of high resolution.
  • You can send these videos to your friends and relatives for great feedback. All our features are exciting which will make your video high quality and of grade interest by the people.

Animations and Transition Effects 

  • This KineMaster application also provides you with numerous animated filters. You can also use transition effects in your videos. These transition effects and animations add more attraction and are the special effects for your videos.
  • The transition effects may include fade, dissolve, wipe out, wipe in, and many other effects that make the video look attractive. The animated effect gives a very fantastic experience. You can create numerous scenes in your videos with the help of this feature.
  • All the addition of these effects and animation can easily be done only by one click on your Android smartphone.

Sound Effects 

  • Apart from adding numerous filters, transitions, images,s, and videos, you can also add different sound effects to your videos. There are many default sound and musical effects that you can add while creating your video.
  • But apart from that you can also import music files from your phone’s gallery and add your videos. You can add appropriate music according to your video theme. It will give more fun and excitement to watching the videos.
  • This feature makes your videos more interesting. You will be having fun while using this kinemaster application with numerous exciting and beneficial features.

Tips To Play

  • Try to avail all the features to make your videos more attractive.

Kinemaster MOD APK 

The KineMaster MOD APK is the modified and enhanced version of this kinemaster application. You can easily download it on your Android smartphone. This is far better than the original version as it comprises numerous exciting and enhanced features.

The videographers and video editors in the world have been using this modified version of the kinemaster application for a very long time. Numerous users are associated with this application and use it daily. 

It fulfills all the needs of video editors in a very less time. This modified version provides you with the availability of unlocking features. You can also experience a no watermark feature in this MOD version.

This is an exciting and most important feature of this application. This is because it does not show any watermark of this application while uploading your videos on numerous social media profiles. 

There is also an availability of multiple layers. Multiple layers include numerous features including stickers, images, videos, notes, text, short messages, etc while editing your videos.

This multiple-layer feature is unlocked in this KineMaster MOD application without any payment. You can easily add and upload your video as a multi-lead video without paying any charges.

Kinemaster MOD Features:

Here are the features that the users will be experiencing while using this kinemaster MOD application:

  • A multiple-layer version of the videos is also available in this modified version. It has been unlocked in this MOD version without any payment.
  • The users will also experience no watermark while creating a video on this kinemaster MOD APK. This is one of the most exciting features.
  • It is completely free to download on your mobile phone.
  • Several editing tools are available in this kinemaster-modified application for all videographers to experience and enjoy.
  • You can also get an instant preview in this MOD version of this application.
  • This application provides support to all the versions of the Chroma key. It will also be available which will be very helpful for the videographers. This Chroma key feature helps you in providing a change in the background of your videos.
  • Efficient volume and speed controls are also available which will be beneficial for all video editors.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Android version 5.0 and above are easily compatible with installing this application.

No, there is no need to root the device before downloading this MOD version.


Download KineMaster MOD APK for a great video editing experience. All the video makers and video editors use this application with great interest. The modified version of this application includes no watermark feature and the availability of multiple layers.

You can enjoy a premium subscription without paying money in this MOD version. Enjoy editing your videos with numerous exciting features. Add stickers, videos, images, text, filters, transition effects, animation, etc to your videos and make them more attractive.

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