Limbo MOD APK v1.20 [Full Unlocked Version]

App Name:Limbo MOD APK
Size:122 MB
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About Limbo MOD APK


Limbo MOD APK is the story of a meek boy who is in search of his sister. The game has an old classical movie layout all black and out. As the game advanced we saw darkness everywhere. Mysterious noises echoed in the ambiance. This is no doubt a mind-boggling game.

A boy runs all alone through the woods in search of his sister. No source of light and life there. You will encounter death on each step. Big spiders and other mysterious creatures are all over the woods haunting the poor boy. 

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Players have to pass through many difficult and dangerous levels for their missions. Multiple puzzles are there in the game. Anywhere you go, you get nothing but darkness.

Gamers had played many games from multiple genres and had multiple expressions or feelings about the games. But this game has unmatched vibes of loneliness and creepiness. You’re all alone with cruel darkness and hopes are all dead. 

To enjoy all these super cool features of this game users have to pay a little amount of money as this game is not free on Android and IOS both.


Limbo APK Gameplay

Limbo has very interesting gameplay. The game starts from the scene in which a boy has lost his path and also his loved ones. Now, he is trying to find his sister through these dark woods. A variety of creepy creatures are following the boy. But, there’s no way back. You will have to keep going with the hope of some light.

Limbo APK Features:

Graphics and Audio Effects

  • The Limbo game has no doubt one of the best spooky graphics and sound effects of its type. The game has total grayscale black and white graphics with no useless sounds.
  • Players can hear the footsteps of the boy so clearly as the boy running near them. Darkness all around the game makes this the best game to play.

Tricky Challenges

  • The boy in the game is trying to find his sister on the deadliest tracks of the game. These tracks are full of bugs and other creepy creatures that haunt the poor boy. 
  • But, this poor soul has only this one path to follow in the hope to find his sister. Players can face many challenges that can shake their souls soo badly.


  • The game has lots of tricky puzzles at every level of the game. Players have to solve these puzzles as fast as they can. So, limbo can find his sister faster.
  • These features of the game will change your emotions during the game.

Brainstorming Skills

  • Limbo is not just like the other storyline games. This 2D game has multiple challenges and puzzles to solve. 
  • Players need to brainstorm during the game to clear the challenges and solve the puzzles.
  • Everything needs to be done at a fast pace because death is lurking you throughout your paths.

Best Optimization of the game

  • Limbo games provide the best optimization of the game. The game can be run on both Android and IOS devices very smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Not so much heavy hardware is not required to play this game. You can run this game on any mid-range device.

Tips To Play

Below are the essential tips to play the Limbo game more smoothly and more fun. 

  • Your mission in this game is to find the missing sister of the character. You have only one path to follow. Try to make strategic moves so you can protect yourself. 
  • Try to solve the puzzles fastly to get many game rewards, that will help you to exceed in the game.


Limbo MOD APK is the modified version of the simple Limbo game. MOD APK adds more value to this legendary game. All games have some features that are not accessible by anyone except the ones who have paid for them. 

These features are always useful like unlimited game lives. Players can buy extra lives by giving some money. But I cannot afford this luxury and have a lot of money to spend on games. 

To remove all these issues, this MOD APK has unlocked all of the premium features for general gamers. Now, anyone can use these premium features without spending cash. You just need to download the MOD APK from this website.

Limbo MOD Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features of Limbo MOD APK, that you’ll get in this app:

Intuitive Controls

  • The best even controls of this game allow the users to blend in the most creative gameplay of the game so easily.
  • Players can easily control their main game character with all its attributes like jumping, lying down, running fast, and using ropes to climb heights.


  • The Limbo MOD APK is free for all game enthusiasts out there. You can download the simple version of the game easily from Playstore.
  • And if you want to download the MOD APK of the Limbo, then you can download that from this website for free.

No Root

  • Rooting your device changes its factory settings to user-defined settings. Many MOD APKs require a rooted device to install the APK.
  • But you can download this MOD APK without rooting your device.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Limbo is not free on the play store and apple app store. Users have to pay a small amount of money to play this game.

Yes, Limbo MOD APK is free to download. You can download the game from this website.


Limbo MOD APK is a 2D-based game with matchless features. This game amazed the users with its gameplay, storyline, and visual effects. This game is truly a masterpiece. 

Players can relate to the poor boy who is searching for his old ones in the dark and dense forest. Death is following you through all of your paths. You have to follow the only way to move forward. This game can play with your emotions.

Sometimes, you feel pity for the poor boy, and other times you are full of courage to end this mess. You will surely enjoy this game.

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