Lost In Blue MOD APK v1.125.1 [Unlimited Money]

App Name:Lost in Blue MOD APK
Publisher:Volcano Force
Size:801 MB
Last Updated:January 19, 2023

About Lost in Blue MOD APK


Lost in Blue MOD APK is a game about survival. Talking about the backstory, a plane crashed on an island. And it was full of passengers. So now you have to survive on the island with the little or no resources you have. Soon you will realize what a terrible place it is to be in.
The game offers 3D Graphics to its users. Talking about the controls, then the controls are straightforward. Not so easy, but easy to use. So the moving stick is shown at the bottom of the screen.

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You will also find some action buttons at the bottom of the screen that allows you to take any actions. Moreover, you can use those buttons to search for food, find weapons and throw unwanted items as a defense. Remember, the island is filled with deadly enemies, so watch and play the game carefully.


Lost in Blue APK Gameplay

The game begins as you wake up on an island, and you are the only one who survived the plane crash. You must ensure you survive because you are the lucky one who survived the plane crash. Start playing the game by exploring the island. The game is known for its landscapes, so enjoy that too.

Setting aside the island’s beauty, there are strange things you need to survive. Beware of all the weird and suspicious creatures. Discover or build your shelter. In this way, you will stay safe and sound. Controls are straightforward to use, and you can quickly learn to play.
Additionally, you can also build a camp for yourself. Find weapons that will protect you against your enemies. And stay alert throughout the game. Install the game now and prepare to play one of the greatest survival games.


Lost in Blue APK Features:

We can only go on and talk about the game by mentioning its unique features. You need to install this game because the features it offers are great.

Two Player mode

  • For you to survive for long. You need to make friends online so that they support you in making your shelter. Moreover, when you work in teams, you feel safer. Moreover, your friends not only help you with the shelter but also will protect you from harmful creatures.

Use the resources

  • The game includes different kinds of resources that are needed for your survival. You must know how to build your craft or building. In this way, you will develop skills that will help you play the game like a pro. Find and collect items that you think might be needed for buildings.

Play exciting adventures

  • The game allows you to explore the island entirely. Do whatever you want to do. Run, eat, sleep, or even craft weapons. You can easily explore the islands’ beauty and enjoy your experience on an island. Kill your enemies and stay safe. 


Tips To Play

Lost in Blue APK is a game that is difficult to play. So these fantastic tricks and tips will help you in the game.

  • Firstly, you must ensure that you collect resources for yourself. Your survival is only possible if you have enough resources. So keep on collecting weapons as well as important stuff that are required.
  •  Make sure to complete the area challenge, as it is essential. Once you complete that, you will get huge rewards for it, and you will level up.
  •  Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and full of energy. Keep your character from staying hungry for a long. Make sure its energy is always total.
  •  Find your faithful companions in the game and play with them. In this way, they will protect you in time of need.
  •  Reading the instructions for this game is also very important. So read before starting to play.

Lost in Blue MOD APK

Lost in Blue MOD APK is a game full of surprises. As you start playing it, you will realize that it’s not just a survival game but a role-playing game. The game takes you on an adventure where you are stuck on an island and need to survive.

The game allows you to select the character of your choice. As you begin playing it, you will realize that you are the only human alive, and the rest are your enemies. You need to push yourself and look for medicines and food to increase your energy.

You will have creatures like zombies or pirates all trying to kill you. But you must ensure that you survive for as long as possible and win the game. Make sure to stay safe from the zombies.

Lost in Blue MOD Features:

The new MOD features of Lost in Blue MOD APK are genuinely unique. You must check these features out.

Infinite coins

  • Everything you do in this game requires money. Thus with the modified version of this game, you get countless amounts of money.
  •  With the money, you can buy weapons of all sorts and a place for shelter. The best thing is that there is no limit to it. So build a house for your safety.

No Advertisements in between

  • Ads could be more annoying! Especially when you are playing an exciting game. The mod version lets you play the game without any ads.
  •  So now you can enjoy Lost in Blue MOD APK without ads and no disturbance. Isn’t this perfect? Yes, it is. Get the game now.

Important battles

  • The story of the game is sad and quite depressing. You are alone, stranded on an island, and you must ensure you survive.
  •  To survive the game, you need to win important battles with the enemies to win and level up. Play confidently and firmly, so you don’t lose against the weird creatures.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is very safe to play as well as install

Yes, it is a multiplayer game. 


We can easily conclude that Lost in Blue MOD APK is the perfect survival game you can ever play. Its unique features, as well as its 3D graphics, are to die for. You get to enjoy its scenic locations as well as make friends online.
To install the game and get ready to battle your way between dangerous creatures, you have no other option but to survive. Get the game now and enjoy playing Lost in Blue.

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