Ludo Star MOD APK v1.120.3 [Unlimited Money & Gems]

App Name:Ludo Star MOD APK 
Publisher:Gamberry Labs
Size:52 MB 
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2022

About Ludo Star MOD APK 


The Ludo Star MOD APK is a great game to play by all players. You can play it with your friends or family members. This game has online gameplay. A total of 4 members can play this game and choose the color of their choice.

You have to follow the rules and regulations provided by the game. The gameplay is very simple to understand. The player has to win the game and be on top of the four players. It comprises four colors Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. 

This is a very classical game that includes numerous features in it. You can log in with your Facebook account. Invite your friends to play Ludo Star with you. You can also play this game with any random player available online.

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There are different modes in this Ludo Star gaming application. A 3D Ludo feature is also available that comprises 3D dice for playing this game. You will be collecting the gold, coins, gems, and money after every win. 

Download this game without paying any charges. This Ludo Star game is fun to play and easy to install. The game is completely safe from all the viruses and bugs.

This interesting game is very popular with people nowadays. There is no age limit to play this game. Rather, it is much liked by children as well as adults. You can also make your own rules while playing the game.


Ludo Star APK Gameplay 

The gameplay is very interesting and can be easily understood by all the players. You have to choose the color of your own choice. There are three modes available in the game: classic, master, and quick.

You can choose the mode of your choice and play randomly with your friends or the people available online. The gameplay includes killing one piece before entering the home. 

So you have to complete all your pieces and make them pass through the home before all the players. It will help you in winning the level and proceeding to the next one.

You can buy different things in the game and enjoy the classical Ludo Star. It becomes more exciting when you play with your friends and make your own rules.


Ludo Star APK Features:

Following are the features that must be known by all the players for playing this Ludo Star APK game:

Customizable Rules

  • The players can easily follow the rules provided by the game. But in this game, you have the opportunity to customize the rules according to your choice as well. You can make the game rules according to your gaming style.
  • It becomes more exciting when you make new rules while playing with random players. These rules are mostly different from the default ones that are set by the game developers. It is a very interesting game for all the newbies as well as experienced players.

Graphics and Colors 

  • The colors, graphics, and visual effects used in this game are outstanding. You will be experiencing an appealing look at this Ludo Star APK game. There are four bright colors mainly used in the game as described by the gameplay.
  • There are numerous animations used as well in the game. You will be experiencing a great look at this game. The graphical effects provided by the developers in this game are very interesting and attractive for all the players.

User-friendly Interface 

  • The game setting as well as the complete controls are very easy to understand. The game provides a user-friendly interface for all the players. You will not find any difficulty while opening the application in playing the game till the end.
  • All the players will find it very smooth and simple to use. The game is completely free to download and install on your mobile phone.
  • You can easily play the game without any hindrance or obstacles in your way. Have fun and pass the levels quickly before the other players.

Tips To Play

  • While playing an original game try to follow all the rules described by the developers.
  • Try to make your piece go in the home quicker.

Ludo Star MOD APK

The Ludo Star MOD APK comprises numerous enhanced features which the players will enjoy. This modified version is developed with numerous features. You will be receiving unlimited coins and gems in this Ludo Star modified version.

All the characters will be unlocked in this game including the gems that are hidden in the gemstone. The players will experience unlimited money also in this Ludo Star game. This unlimited money can be used to buy different types of resources in the game. 

All the levels will be unlocked as well in this modified version. So this MOD game is much easier to play and understand by all the players. You will be enjoying this modified version a lot because there are no limitations in the game.

The players will find it very interesting to play this modified game with numerous exciting features. Download the game and play fun with your friends and family members.

Ludo Star MOD Features:

Following are the features that are worth considering by all the players in this modified game:

  • The players will get unlimited money in this Ludo Star MOD APK.
  • They will also receive unlimited gems and coins which will help them in winning the levels faster.
  • The players will also receive unlocking of all the characters in the game. This will also be beneficial for the players.
  • All the ludo gamers will be receiving the unlocking of all the boards in this Ludo star-modified version. The secret boards will also be unlocked with the availability of unlimited gems and coins.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need to root the device before installing the Ludo Star modified game.

The Android version 5.0 and above can easily hold this Ludo star-modified game.


Download Ludo Star MOD APK for a great gaming experience. You will be enjoying the gameplay as well. The modified version provides you with numerous features like the availability of unlimited and unlocking of everything. The game is completely free.

You just have to roll the dice and quickly play the game with tactics to win faster. This Ludo Star MOD APK can also be played without the availability of an internet connection. Hence, it is a great game with all the modified features available in it. 

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