Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK v2.5.2 [Premium Unlocked]

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About Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK


Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK is the successful sequel of the first part Mad Skills Bmx. This game is based on 2D graphics. The distinctive feature of the game is its Bmx bike. Bmx bicycles are specially made for performing different stunts like jumping, wheeling, and other cool tricks. 

The only goal of the players is to hit the target line in the first place and win the title. Players have to compete with other AI-based race characters. It’s always hard to beat these AI bots, but not impossible. Players can beat these bots through continuous practice. 

If you didn’t want to compete with bots and want some real fun, invite your friends or just compete with the random online racers. Players can only win the race if they have good biking skills. 

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Roads are not smooth but have many hurdles and up downs, which takes the real test of bikers’ skills. Multiple game levels are waiting for the players. Every advanced level contains more difficulties and exciting prizes.


Mad Skills Bmx 2 APK Gameplay

Mad Skills Bmx 2 APK has simple and attractive gameplay. Players just have to focus on winning the race from other competitors. The game follows the law of physics during stunts and races. 

Players can unlock different stunts by completing the game levels. Each place of this game has 10 levels. Players have to complete these levels to unlock the upcoming places to race.


Mad Skills Bmx 2 APK Features:

Professional Racing

  • Mad Skills Bmx 2 has simple and smooth game controls. Players from any gaming background can play and master this game so easily.
  • Players can start this game as absolute beginners and the game levels make them pro players of the game. Many exciting and challenging missions of the game lit the whole ambiance. 

Multiple Bikes

  • As we all know that Mad Skills Bmx 2 has the best in-game features.
  • The game also contains a huge amount of Bmx bikes that are specially built for players from many famous bike-making companies.
  • Players can unlock any of their favorite bikes by giving them some coins.

Fascinating Levels

  • Many fascinating and electrifying levels are available in the game for the entertainment of the players.
  • Players can fulfill the dose of their entertainment with these exciting levels and meanwhile gets command of bike riding.
  • Players can perform multiple exciting stunts with their Bmx bikes as they’re moving further in the game.

Customization of Bike 

  • Bikes are the first love of bikers. Bikes play an important role in winning or losing a game. Bike upgradation is the most important aspect of bike racing.
  • Multiple customizations can be done on these bikes like wrappings and adding unique accessories to the bike that make them unmatchable in both performance and appearance-wise. 

Customization of Riders

  • Players can customize their game characters to flex in the game in front of other players.
  • Players can change cool and unique dresses among many famous dresses. Players can upgrade their character with the help of game coins.

Tips To Play 

  • When you first play this game, you can see that your components are well trained and have many cool stunts to perform. But believe me, trying to perform stunts like them is a total waste of time. Your ultimate goal is to achieve the best score during the race. 
  • If you are not performing well due to any reason, no need to worry. As you can repeat your previously completed levels again and again to sharpen your racing skills.

Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK

Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK is the best-modified version ever. Players play this game with full enthusiasm as this MOD APK has unique surprises to offer. The freedom of players is the ultimate goal of this MOD APK. 

Players can do anything they want to do in this game in terms of purchasing and customizations. Unlimited money has been offered to the players of the game. Developers are working day and night to put new updates to this game regularly. So, you don’t wanna miss this game.

Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD Features:


  • Mad Skills Bmx 2 MOD APK has more premium features than the original game offered.
  • But still, this MOD APK is made free for everyone to download and play. Now, it seems like a good deal to download this game right? 


  • Mad Skills Bmx 2 offered the most realistic visuals of all time. Players can feel every moment of this game through its spectacular visual graphics.
  • The game has detailed race tracks with hurdles and everything. The Appearance of bikes and riders comes out fantastic in the game.

Unlimited Speed Boosters 

  • Speed boosters contain Nitro and provide super speed to bike for some time. The issue with these speed boosters is that they are not in much quantity in the original version.
  • But you don’t need to worry about anything as we are here for you guys. Our MOD APK has unlimited speed boosters.
  • Yes, you heard it right. From now, you have limitless speed boosters to improve your game.

No need to buy anything 

  • The real beauty of this MOD APK is that this MOD APK allows its users to enjoy unlimited fun without any spending of real money or game coins.
  • This MOD APK has everything unlocked for the players.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mad Skills Bmx 2 is free for all to play.

To achieve this unlimited bikes feature in the game. You simply just need to download the modded version of Mad Skills Bmx 2 and that version is available on this website too.


Mad Skills Bmx 2 has a variety of features that we have discussed so far. To your surprise, there are still many features that I couldn’t able to write but these features can be explored as you download and play this game. This MOD APK is a gift for absolute beginners who wants to exceed in this game speedily.  

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