MaskGun MOD APK v3.032 [Unlimited Diamonds & Ammo]

App Name:MaskGun MOD APK
Size:34 MB
Last Updated:7 Sep

About MaskGun MOD APK


MaskGun MOD APK is an amazing shooting game with different types of game modes. It allows you to play and enjoy those modes.

Like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch as well as Deactivate the bomb. One interesting thing about this game is that around ten players can play the game at the same time.

Talking about the controls of this game, then it’s not so hard to use. You get the control stick as well as the aiming controls at the bottom of the screen. Both the stick and action tools show up at the bottom of the screen.

Just use the stick for moving and use the other action controllers for aiming and shooting. Once you aim, you will start to fire automatically.

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You get maps too, in case you need to figure out where you are, or where you need to go. 

 One who loves shooting should definitely play this game. As this game allows you to experience real shooting. You can also customize your weapons according to your own type. Thus enjoy playing with your favorite gun.


MaskGun APK Gameplay

Talking about the Gameplay of this, then I must say it is one of the most unique ones. So what you need to do is the aim.

And once you aim the gun starts shooting by itself. The gun you have is basically automatic, just aim at your target and the rest will be done by the game itself.

There are a variety of guns as well as weapons that you can choose from. Just select your best weapons and start playing the MaskGun APK.

You can play the game with your friends since MaskGun MOD APK is a multiplayer game. It includes many levels to play.

Just get your favorite weapons and start shooting your target. So get ready to play an exciting shooting game.


MaskGun APK Features:

MaskGun APK features are legit the best. They offer so much to their users. You can try these features out by installing the game

Collection of Weapons

  • So when you play the game, you get a variety of weapons to choose from. Not just this you can even customize your favorite weapons.
  • In this way, you can enjoy playing with your favorite guns. So get the game now and play with sniper rifles or even machine guns.

Missions and Rewards

  • The game is not just about shooting. You need to complete the mission in the game to level up and be on top. When you complete a mission you get exciting rewards, through which you can buy stuff.
  • The missions are easy but some are hard too. Remember to shoot your enemies in time so that they don’t kill you.

Customize your character

  • With the customization of weapons, you can even customize your character. In this way, you can play with your favorite hero.
  • For example, you can protect your shooter and make it wear armor, masks, or whatever you like. So enjoy playing with your character as well as shooting your enemies.

Tips To Play

MaskGun MOD is a shooting game and not so hard to play. The below tips might help you to play this game.

  • Firstly read the instructions for this game carefully, in this way you get the background knowledge about the game.
  • Moreover, look through the controllers. Learn what each tool does and start practicing and playing.
  • Complete the daily missions for extra rewards. Remember to complete the missions timely so that you don’t miss those special awards.
  • Never forget to use the map, remember your map is your guide. It will lead you to the places you want to go and will show you your enemies.
  • Never forget about the timer. Time is an important element of this game. As you need to kill your enemies in time.
  • Lastly, when you are about to play in the arena. Make sure to use boosts. This will surely help you to kill your enemies faster.

MaskGun MOD APK 

MaskGun MOD APK is a game of action and thriller. It takes you on a shooting experience, where you can play with your friends. The graphics of MaskGun are epic. You need to see this. So download the game and enjoy the modified version now for free.

Here you get to fight and shoot your enemies. You just need to aim your gun and the rest will be managed by the game. It offers you weapons of your choice, characters that you can design, and of course locations. So it’s better to not miss this opportunity and get the modified version.

MaskGun MOD Features:

The modified features of this game are epic. Everything for free! Isn’t this a plus?

New weapons

  • Yes, new weapons. You get your favorite weapons for free. There are countless weapons that this game offers to its users. Choose whatever you want.
  • Each weapon varies and is different from the others. So download it and see the collection of weapons it includes.

Countless amounts of gold

  • Yes, you heard it right. You get free gold in this game. You can use the gold to upgrade your guns as many times as you want. Upgraded guns kill more efficiently and quickly

Play without the ads

  • Ad’s in the game can be so annoying. The MaskGun APK will allow you to enjoy the game without any disturbance. This means no ads at all. Isn’t this just perfect? Now get the game as soon as you can and brace yourself for an epic shooting game between your enemies.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you get lots of powerful weapons in the game to play with

Yes, the MaskGun APK game is available to play with friends. Up to ten friends can play this game together.

Yes, the game does not include viruses that may harm your device.


There is no debate that MaskGun MOD APK is one of the most played games ever. Adults, and teens all play the game with great interest. Through the game, you can enhance your shooting skills as well as get your aim right. 

It offers a great experience to its users. The players play it since it not only offers amazing graphics but it gives you amazing sound effects too. Don’t believe us? Install MaskGun now and start enjoying its features and gameplay.

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