Megapolis MOD APK v6.32 [Unlimited Everting]

App Name:Megapolis MOD APK
Publisher:Social Quantum Ltd
Size:93 MB
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2022

About Megapolis MOD APK


Megapolis MOD APK is a great game for people who love building their own houses. Initially, you get a small piece of land, on which you start investing to make it bigger and better.

You require money for this. At the beginning of the game, you get very little money. So your task is to go on missions and perform various tasks to earn money that you can invest.

Moreover, It’s a proper city game, you not only need to look at and develop your own house but also the whole city. People will be looking for jobs, they would want to invest in businesses. People are allowed to travel freely, and you will see people roaming around in the streets.

Your goal in the game is to look for business opportunities, invest in properties that will give you maximum return, and expand your overall city.

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Before you look for investment opportunities, you need to analyze the overall situation of the city and how populated it is. You may get a chance to invest in construction projects that will give you maximum return and bring lots of money to you.


Megapolis APK Gameplay

Megapolis APK is a game of cities. Here you get to live and experience an online life. Working, eating, talking just like what you do in your normal life.

To thrive in the city, you should be on terms with your neighbors as well. As they will help you with your problems and might give you what you need in your time of need. If your neighbors are happy with you, they will give you gifts.

Talking about the amazing Gameplay of this game, then I must say it is surely the best. You don’t just get amazing sound quality but also cool graphics.

Also, this is not just a regular game, but here you get to develop your city. The game is very interesting and unique in its way. Get ready to play this cool game and install it asap!


Megapolis APK Features:

Features of any game are extremely important, and Megapolis MOD APK is known for its features. You get to enjoy these features when you play the game.

Create buildings

  • It is your job to look out for your city. The people of your city are dependent upon you so you need to ensure that everyone gets to live a good life.
  • Develop buildings for your people and make sure to provide them with the land where they can construct their houses.

Construct Airports

  • Yes, you heard it right! In Megapolis APK you can even construct airports and make your city look very professional. Your people can work in airports as well. Design the airports according to your preference and happy playing!

Cooperate with neighbors

  • The game allows you to interact with your neighbors. Develop healthy relationships with them and receive gifts from them. Remember good relations with your neighbors help you to make a good and healthy city.

Tips To Play

This is the easiest game you can play. Still, we have provided you with some tips that will help you get started.

  • The basic rule of playing any game is reading the instructions for the game. So read the instructions for the game. This will give you an idea of playing Megapolis.
  • Communication is the key to success. Don’t think you can survive alone in the city! Establish relations with your neighbors so that they help you in time of need.
  • Watch out for the population. Therefore, the is again important because too much population is going to disturb the peace in the city.
  • Upgrading your construction tools regularly will make your game very effective.
  • The game is all about investing, so invest on the right lands so that you get maximum return.

Megapolis MOD APK

The Megapolis MOD APK is the best version you can ever play. The older version lacked a lot of things but this version is perfect and has no problems.

It comes with improved gameplay and various new features that you need to try. You can develop buildings, construct airports as well as look for job opportunities 

If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, just start downloading it now, and happy playing. The modified version is a hundred times more fun than the previous version. So get ready to develop your perfect city and interact with people.

Megapolis MOD Features:

Now you can enjoy the modified version of this game too. It comes with new exciting features that you must try out! Install Megapolis MOD APK now.

Lots of Cash

  • The best thing about any modified version of the game is that you get countless amounts of money.
  • Money is the main element of this game, and Megapolis APK gives you unlimited cash through which you can purchase your favorite items in no time. All the premium items are also available for purchase.

Quality Graphics

  • We can’t go on talking about this game without mentioning graphics. One of the reasons why this game is very popular is because of the cool and quality graphics it offers. The overall look of this game is also very good

Manage your ads 

  • Now you don’t need to worry about the boring ads that disturb your fun. Because you can enjoy Megapolis without the ads now. Yes, the modified version is completely ad-free. So play it without getting disturbed.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly, this game is only available for iPhone users. It does not exist on the google store.

Indeed, the game can be played by anyone

No, it is a virus free and you can install it safely.


Megapolis MOD APK is a perfect game for strategy lovers. You need to think about where to invest and look for various opportunities. You need to develop a perfect city for your people to live in. it’s all about how you develop your city.

Your people will be happy if they have all that they need. To develop a perfect city where the people have access to all the resources. 

The game is very popular and is played worldwide. Don’t waste your time too and get the game now! If you have a business mind then this game is perfect and the most suitable for you.

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