Mini Football MOD APK v1.8.5 [Unlimited Sprint]

App Name:Mini Football MOD APK
Size:131 MB
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2022

About Mini Football MOD APK


Mini Football MOD APK is a unique entry into the football game genre. Mini Football is one of the best soccer simulation games on the market. The game is developed by the most outstanding gaming company “Miniclip” 

Playing football professionally is a dream for many, but not everyone is going to make this. So, with the help of this game, people can fulfill their dream. The game offers the most realistic graphics ever.

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This game puts you in the shoes of professional football players. Now, it’s your responsibility to recruit or team up with the best football players. You can win games with your matchless team.

The game has 5 tremendous stadiums, which you will experience as you’re moving through it. Players can feel the crowd cheerings and sounds all over the ground. People are shouting crazily for their favorite teams. All these things help this game stand out from others. 

Mini Football is an online multiplayer game, in which you can make your team with your friends or loved ones in the game and conquer every match to reach the top positions on the leaderboard.


Mini Football APK Gameplay

Mini Football has one of the most straightforward and attractive gameplay of all time. Creating a squad plays an important role in this game. Players have to choose their squad carefully. 

Many field grounds are available to play the game. Players can do online matches with random people or create a team with their friends and play with them. 

The sounds of the crowd encourage the players to top the leaderboard and win the trophies.


Mini Football APK Features:

Build and Customize your team

  • Football APK allows its players to select and create a team with the most skillful athletes in the game. Players have to play with their team. That’s why team selection is so important.
  • Moreover, this game allows the players to upgrade their players with the most unique and helpful additions that are available in the game shops.

Different Soccer Fields

  • The Mini Football game has the 5 most attractive green fields for its players. At the start, players can play in only one field.
  • But, you can also unlock other premium and most beautiful soccer fields by performing well in the game. 


  • The game has multiple tournaments in the game for the players. Players can improve their skills and game levels by playing in tournaments with the teams. 
  • Lots of exciting game awards are waiting for the winners of these tournaments.  

Upgrade Players Costumes

  • Mini Football APK has several costumes for the players. Players can purchase these costumes with the game coins. These coins are collected by playing in multiple tournaments. 
  • Upgrading your character in the game with expensive and cool costumes can make you different from others  


  • Mini Football has a very famous Street Football Season. During this season, players can play multiple matches and win multiple awards respectively.
  • But that’s not all, players can win rewards two times the normal time. 
  • In this season, players’ rewards can be multiplied by 2X.

Tips To Play 

  • Mini Football APK is quite a famous game played worldwide. To play the game correctly, a few tips below will help you play this game like a master.
  • Always try to read the user’s guide that comes with every game. Players can get a clear image of the working and functionalities of the game. Which will help them to perform better in the game than others.

Mini Football MOD APK

Mini Football MOD APK is the much-awaited version of the original game. Players are waiting for the MOD of Mini Football for so long. The reason for them to wait is this MOD APK has all of the unlocked premium features.

All of the paid features of the original one are available for free in this MOD APK. 

Are you the type of person who wants to enjoy this game to its fullest without spending any real money? 

If yes, then you’re at the right place and a few steps away from this most amazing with all unlocked features. 

Mini Football MOD Features:

Unlimited Money

  • The best feature of this MOD APK is that you need to struggle to get money in the game. This MOD APK has unlimited money unlocked.
  • Players can utilize this money in many phenomenal ways to improve their game and can buy anything that they want.

Sound and Visuals

  • Mini Football MOD APK has an unmatched gaming experience. This game has realistic sounds and visual effects.
  • The crowd cheering and their existence all look real. Players can feel the real-world experience while playing this game. 

Removed ADs

  • Mini Football MOD APK has no more annoying ads during the fantastic gameplay of this game.
  • Ads are always annoying and ruin the whole gaming experience. 

Endless Sprint

  • Sprint is a feature of this game, players can run super fast when they click this sprint button on the screen. But the issue with sprint is that it always has a low supply.
  • But this MOD APK has added this functionality in this game, with which you can use endless sprints. These sprints will never go out of stock.

Free Shopping

  • Players can do unlimited shopping for their characters and their accessories.
  • You can purchase any of the premium footballs and costumes for your characters in the game and you don’t need to play for them.
  • Just go and do the shopping and make your character unique from others.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You can download one of the safest versions of Mini Football MOD APK from this website.

Yes, Mini Football APK is a multiplayer game. Players can play this game online.

Yes, this game is available for iPhone users too. iPhone users can download this game from the AppStore.


Mini Football MOD APK is a must-playable game for every football fan out there. Players can get real-world experience through this game. MOD APK allows gamers to push the game functionalities to their extreme. So, download this game right now and play tournaments with professional players from all around the world.

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