Minion Rush MOD APK v8.8.0f [All Unlocked]

App Name:Minion Rush MOD APK
Publisher:Gameloft SE
Size:103 MB
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2022

About Minion Rush MOD APK


Single-player games have a different fanbase. People love playing such games as Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Thus if you are looking for more single-player versions, you should consider installing Minion Rush MOD APK

The famous Despicable Me movie inspires the Minion Rush game. The game, however, is different and is all about running. The more you run, the more you get to make your way up on the leaderboards.

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Get to know more about the minion world by playing this incredible minion version. With quality graphics and cute animations, you will enjoy it thoroughly. Discover why the minions are running and complete challenges to upgrade and get rewards. Get into the minion fun world and explore whatever you want.


Minion Rush APK Gameplay

Discussing the gameplay of Minion Rush MOD APK, then it is incredible. The inspiration came from the movie; thus, the graphics and gameplay are pretty much similar to that. All you have to do is run endlessly and create an unbeatable new record. Challenge your friends and set the highest records, so they don’t beat you.

Moreover, get insights into the minions’ life and explore their world. The controls of Minion Rush are straightforward to use. Install Minion Rush on your phones and experience minion’s cute lifestyle along with challenges that include running.

Make sure you control your minion and protect it from various hurdles that come in the way. Also, try to collect as many bananas and coins as you can, as that is your savings as well as the rewards that you earn. This is an exciting and all-time fun game that brings joy to anyone who plays it.


Minion Rush APK Features:

It is time to discuss the cool and fun features of Minion Rush.


  • Minion Rush includes three main characters—the minions, the evil bosses, and a few others. You can only control your minions.
  • The bad bosses will try to catch you by throwing objects and anything that can stop you. So play safe and make sure not to get noticed. 

Cool Animations and Quality Graphics

  • We have to talk about the extraordinary and cute animations of Minion Rush and the remarkable graphics. Install it now and see for yourself. The vibrant graphics keep the users engaged with the game for hours and hours.
  • And talking about the sounds perfectly describes the situation you are in. When you hear the lovely voices of minions, you will enjoy playing it more.

Perfectly designed Costumes

  • The costumes of each minion are designed in a way that enables them to perform multiple tasks. Moreover, the coins and bananas you collect on the course can be utilized to purchase new costumes per your requirement.
  • In addition to this, you will also get costume cards and several tokens to help you buy your favorite outfits.  

Tips To Play

Minion Rush is super easy to play. These few tips will guide you on effectively utilizing your bananas and coins.

  • Once you earn bananas and coins, always trade them for your purchases and buy costumes from them.
  • You also get an evil minion but save it for later. As the evil minion helps to complete tough challenges. 
  • When you get power-ups, upgrade them wisely and at the right time.
  • Earn more bananas and coins and save to buy costumes. Different costumes will help to complete various missions.
  • Never use extra tokens to continue with your runs. Save them for a better time. 

Minion Rush MOD APK

Minion Rush MOD APK includes minions and is a single-player game. The concept, as well as the theme, came from the movie Despicable me and was passed on to this game.

Thus you will see similar characters, scenes, and locations. Now brace yourself to experience cool 3D animations and intriguing gameplay of Minion Rush.

Your goal here is to collect bananas and save the minions from evil. You have to run endlessly; along the way, you will have to face some hurdles that will not be easy.

Moreover, the enemy will constantly throw objects at you, so make sure you protect yourself from that. 

Now it is time for you to install this epic version and save the minions from the evil bosses. On your journey, you will have to stop at places like Gru’s laboratory and complete various tasks to earn rewards.

Those rewards can be used to purchase new costumes specially designed to perform different tasks. 

Minion Rush MOD Features:

The modified features of Minion Rush are fantastic. Install and see it for yourself. 

Different playing Modes

  • Apart from running, you will also get a chance to complete different unique and challenging tasks.
  • But you will need some aspects like costumes to complete those tasks. So it is not just about running; you play in different modes too.

Shop Free

  • As stated earlier, the modified version has many fun new benefits. You don’t need to run and save to get your favorite costumes.
  • Because you will get everything for free, this version includes a shop that provides everything for free. So now get your favorite outfits and complete those missions you want to play.


  • There will be no ads during your play. So now you can enjoy it without being disturbed by the ads. Have fun playing Minion Rush. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You need to complete missions and earn money to unlock new characters. However, some characters are available for free, or install the modified version and get everything for free. 

With the coins, you can buy your favorite costumes and do upgrades.

Yes, Minion Rush is available for free to play.


If you are a despicable me fan and are crazy about minions, then you should get your hands on Minion Rush MOD APK. Experience the crazy minion world and explore their life. Complete challenges and utilize your money to purchase your favorite costumes.

And now, with the modified version, you get tons of new features that are just great. Install it now! What are you waiting for?

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