Modern Combat 4 MOD APK v1.2.3e [Latest Version]

App Name:Modern Combat 4 MOD APK
Publisher:Gameloft SE
Size:15.6 MB
Last Updated:31 Aug

About Modern Combat 4 MOD APK


The concept of Modern Combat 4 MOD APK is all about war. Not just any war but the war on nuclear energy. Talking about the story of this game, then it talks about how and why humans are in the fight with one another as well as why everyone wants a nuclear war.

However, you will get a chance to play with the best warriors. This is a fun war game, where you will learn a lot.

The game begins with completing small missions like shooting. But as you win and level up you will have to fight in great battles. You will get to fight with the elite warriors and play among the best players.

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There will be not just humans, but you will see tanks, airplanes as well as cars. So you need to stay focused and play the game with a conscious mind! It’s time to win against people who are destroying the peace of this world.


Modern Combat 4 APK Gameplay

The gameplay of any game is very important. And this game offers engaging content for its users. The graphics and the sound quality are just perfect! Every scene in this game is perfectly shown and executed.

Your only goal in the game is to save humankind and make peace. The currency you get in this game is in the form of blue credit. You need to complete the small missions to earn blue credit. Once you earn it you will level up as well as purchase items from the shop.

You also get the gold credit for buying items and upgrading your weapons. This is an advanced feature this game provides. The shop includes all the best and high-quality weapons that you just need to win against the enemies. To purchase high-quality weapons you need to first play small quests.


Modern Combat 4 APK Features:

The features this game provides are out of this world! Yes, you heard it right. This game offers the best features one could ask for. Try out these

Real Effect

  • As I mentioned earlier, the graphics of this game are to die for. You will realize this when you start playing the game. Every scene of this game looks so real.
  • It feels as if you are in the game and not just playing online. Talking about the sound effects then that is too perfect. The sound of guns and bombs feels very real. Download the game to experience real battles.

Cool Game Styles

  • You can play the game in different styles and modes. You can either fight a fierce battle or complete small missions.
  • If you save the president then you can become his favorite soldier and earn lots of blues as well as gold credit.

Become a soldier

  • This is not just any war game, but a game about the reality of soldiers. You get to experience how soldier life is and how hard it is.
  • All the hardships a soldier faces, and what they do to protect the people of their country. But this is not just about protecting a country but the whole world.

Tips to play

The game is a little difficult to play. But these tips will guide you on how to get started with Modern Combat 4 MOD APK

  • Reading the instructions for this game is very crucial. The game guide will help you get an idea of how to play the game.
  • The controllers are easy. The action controllers shoot and the moving buttons move.
  • Become the president’s favorite by saving his life. Once you save his life you will earn gold credit.
  • Earning blue and gold credit is very important so make sure to complete the small missions and quests.
  • Lastly, survive in the game and never let your enemy defeat you. In this way, you will lose points and your score will drop.

Modern Combat 4 MOD APK

Modern Combat 4 MOD APK comes with much more improved graphics as well as sound quality that gives you a real experience. You can enjoy this game on your mobile phone easily. The sole purpose of this game is to ensure peace in the world.

Everyone is fighting and your goal is to protect the world and stop nuclear war from happening. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Because you need to complete missions that are not at all easy. 

Once you start to play the game you will realize that the modified version is far more better and advanced than the previous one. Because you get access to everything and it makes the game a lot easier. So hurry up and get the game asap.

Modern Combat 4 MOD Features:

The MOD features are so great that it makes you play this game for hours. Check these MOD features out now.

Unique vehicles and weapons

  • The uniqueness of this game lies in the gameplay as well as the tools it offers to its customers. There are so many weapons you get and can choose from.
  • The cars as well as the tanks in the game are beautifully designed and each one is the best. You require money to purchase your favorite items from the store. So focus on your win and happy buying!

Multiplayer option

  • Yes, you can now enjoy the game in multiplayer mode too. Get the best weapons to play with. Win the battles against your enemies.
  • Team up with people you trust and destroy your enemy. Make sure to complete the missions in the single-player mode so that you have enough money to purchase your quality weapons.

Upgrading option

  • The game allows you to upgrade your cars, tools, weapons, and character. All you need to do is take care of his money. Money can be earned through winning battles and completing missions that will give you blue credit.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Just download it once and then enjoy playing Modern Combat 4 MOD APK.

Indeed, it is very simple. The game can be downloaded like any other game.

Yes, you can play all the different types of modes this game offers.


To conclude I’d say that Modern Combat 4 MOD APK is the best shooting game you can ever play. Starting from its graphics to gameplay to features and sound. Everything is just perfect and the best. You won’t get bored once you start playing this. Every mission in this game is new and demands focus. 

All you need to do is select the best weapons and start shooting your enemies. Protect the world and yourself! Make sure to be on top of the leaderboard and be the best warrior in the game.

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