PicsArt MOD APK v20.8.5 [Premium Unlocked]

App Name:PicsArt MOD APK 
Size:68 MB 
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2022

About PicsArt MOD APK


This PicsArt MOD APK is an exciting editing tool for all users. This tool provides you with the modification of your pictures and videos. You can easily use various filters, text, stickers, frames, collages, rotation masks, etc through this application.

This is an exciting application for using various effects in your pictures and videos. Apply amazing filters and enjoy the application with diverse features. You can also share these edited images and videos on various social media profiles through this application. 

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This photo editing tool is completely free and provides easy access to all users. This app has got more than 500M downloads from all over the world. It is highly preferred by many people for editing and creating beautiful videos.

There are many positive reviews of this app. This application mainly includes photo editing, video editing, collage creation, drawing tools, sticker maker, etc. All these features make it more appealing for all the users. 


PicsArt APK

This PicsArt APK is a widely used video and image editing tool. It makes your videos and pictures very interesting and artistic. You can also enhance the visual quality and effects of your photos through this application.

There are numerous elements available in this game for creating very beautiful videos. You can also create collages and combine videos with the help of this editor. 

The designing of your videos and images gives you exclusively interesting results. You can also customize your photos with the help of the basic tools provided in this application. There are more than hundreds of filters available in this application to facilitate you.

The users can also change the background of their pictures. You can also use a blur effect which adds a more scenic environment to your picture. The addition of light effects also adds more attraction to your picture.


PicsArt APK Features:

Following are some of the features of this PicsArt APK exciting application:

Design your Videos 

  • The users can easily design their videos with the help of different texts, filters, effects, and backgrounds in this application. You will find it very interesting. You can also design your videos according to the specific occasions.
  • There are many themes available to you including birthday, love, children, welcome themes, business, etc. All the things are exciting and appropriate for all the users.

Replay Feature

  • There is a replay feature available in this application that helps you in quick editing. You can click on the replay feature and see your editing step by step. This will give a very unique editing experience for your photos and videos.
  • There are new replays that are always added and upgraded in this application. Have fun using these replay features available to you in this application.

Stickers and Its Creation 

  • You can use numerous stickers provided to you in this application. But apart from it, there is an opportunity to customize your stickers. It will be helpful for the users to create stickers according to the scenario and choice.
  • This feature gives you a great editing experience. The sticker adds more attraction and fun to your videos and photos. This PicsArt APK is an awesome editing application that provides you with a variety of interesting stickers.

Tips to Use

  • Try to customize your pictures with the help of available tools.


The PicsArt MOD APK version provides users with an ads-free version. You will be able to access numerous stickers and effects in this modified version. This MOD version of the PicsArt application has more than 800 million downloads.

It is considered one of the top applications in the photo and video editing world. This application can easily work on smartphones as well as PCs. 

The application provides professional editing. The graphics and video editing are also very interesting and of high quality. You will experience professional effects in this MOD version. The PicsArt MOD APK provides you with the unlocking of all the premium features.

You can easily download it without any interruption. The users can easily create any new drawings on this application. You can also share the created videos and photos on various social media applications. 

You will be provided with various video effects also in this MOD version. The PicsArt modified version provides you mainly with unlocking gold membership. This editor has gained huge popularity in the editing world.

You will receive high-quality photos and videos through this app. So have a great visual experience by enjoying awesome filters and effects in this application.

Picsart MOD Features:

Following are the notable features of this PicsArt MOD APK:

  • The modified version of this PicsArt application is much enhanced and the editing features are also increased.
  • The modified version provides the users with unlocked premium features.
  • You will also receive a replay feature which helps in quick editing of the photos and videos.
  • This modified version can easily be installed on Android devices as well as iPhones.
  • You can also do sketching with numerous unlocked effects in the modified version of this application.
  • There are numerous magic effects also available for all the users.
  • The PicsArt MOD APK offers to unlock all the filters. There are more than hundreds of filters available in this application. 
  • You can easily make collages with the help of your beautiful photos. 
  • The light effects are also improved in this modified version. 
  • The users can easily customize their images with the help of basic tools available in this modified version of the PicsArt application.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

This PicsArt MOD APK can easily be installed in Android version 5.0 and above.

Yes, this MOD version of the PicsArt application provides you with free and unlocked premium features.


Download this PicsArt MOD application to enjoy premium unlocked features. The users will get a gold membership in this application. It is very easy to use. The application provides awesome editing features for all users. You will get a great photo and video editing experience.

There are many interesting actions for adjusting and creating your images and videos in a very simple manner. Edit your favorite photos with the help of this unique editor.

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