PK XD MOD APK v1.6.0 [Unlimited Money & Gems]

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Talking about PK XD MOD APK, it is a social open-world game where you get to design your avatar as well as build and decorate your home. During this, you can make friends, interact with them and visit their houses. In this way, you will be able to create a very healthy society. 

The game begins with creating your character at first. You can design, and customize your character according to your liking. You also get to create your avatars. There are so many character creation options you get in this game.

That it becomes difficult for you to decide what type of character you want to make. From eyes to facial expressions, and colors, there are so many options you get to choose from.

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After you are done creating your character, now it’s time for you to decorate the house you get in this game. The house includes three bedrooms, a hallway, a drawing room, and a Tv Lounge.

At the start, the basic furnishings you need are available at a reasonable cost, so you don’t need to invest a lot in the start and still can make a perfect-looking house.


PK XD APK Gameplay

Coming to the gameplay of PK XD MOD APK, then it’s phenomenal. From the graphics to the sounds as well as the characters. In the game, you get a store full of quality and beautiful furniture.

Once you play this game, you can earn money to buy items and equipment of your choice. If you are bored of your house equipment then you can edit anytime and buy new furnishers.

The game is not just about designing your home and creating your character. There is so much more to that in the game. Explore the entire world like it’s yours. Greet and meet neighbors, visit their houses and interact with them.

Moreover, eat at your favorite restaurant, enjoy parties, and travel wherever you want. Thus the gameplay is all about interacting with other people and enjoying it.

It’s time for you to explore the entire world of PK XD. This is a fun social interactive game and you won’t ever get bored.


PK XD APK Features:

Now let us talk about the commendable features this game provides. 

Design your Avatar 

  • I’m sure all of you wanted to create yourself as an avatar. You want to see how you look like that. This game is all about designing your avatar.
  • You can be whatever you want. Just download the game, and start exploring to see how you want your avatar to be created. There are so many customization options you can try. 

Interaction with friends

  • You also get to interact and meet new people in this game. This is how this game works. You need to socialize to survive and live happily.
  • Visit their houses and become friends with people you like. Create a healthy society by bringing peace to the city.

Awesome Graphics

  • We have to talk about the graphics of this game as it is so cool. Everything is 3D, your avatar, house, and locations. Thus you can have the best 3D experience while playing the game.

Tips To Play

Playing PK XD MOD APK is very simple. Check out these tips, to help you create the best house and avatar for yourself. 

  • This is the time to use your imagination and creativity. Design your houses according to your taste.
  • Start with designing your avatar, dress him or her nicely.
  • Play mini-games so that you earn money to buy furnishers of your choice.
  • Interacting with your friends so that they send you gifts and rewards. 
  • There are no rules to play this game, customise your house and avatar according to your liking.


Due to its growing demand, PK XD MOD APK has launched its new modified version. This version offers so much more than the previous one. First and foremost, you get the entire features for free. All the things have been unlocked in this game. Other than that, the modified version got more famous because of the quality graphics it offers. You can enjoy playing the game by just downloading it.

So are you ready for an epic adventure of your lifetime? If yes, then it’s time you get this game now. Get a chance to play games in this interactive world and simply just enjoy. Make friends, hang out at parties, and upgrade your houses. Apart from this, you can even participate in certain activities like jumping and dancing. It’s great right?

PK XD MOD Features:

Now let’s talk about the MOD features this game includes. We’ll discuss every modified feature one by one.

Exciting Gameplay

  • Gameplay is the essence of any game and is extremely important. Once you download the game, you won’t ever get tired of playing it. If you are a fan of decorating houses, then this is the right game for you.


  • Ad’s in the middle of the game get so annoying. Especially when you are playing a game as good as PK XD. To deal with this problem, in the new modified version, you get zero ads. Now you can enjoy playing and decorating your house without any disturbance.


  • Music is again one of the most important things in a game. With good quality sounds as well as music everything gets a hundred times better. And this game offers an excellent quality of sounds as well as music.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, android users can play this game for free.

Of course, this game is all about customizing your character.

Yes, there are no viruses in the game as of now.


To conclude, I’d say, if you are looking for an adventurous interactive game, then PK XD MOD APK is the game designed for you. It’s the type of game where you can show your talent, your creativity as well as imagination.

Decorate your house, however, you like. Play with colors and make your house so unique that your friends like it. 

With high-quality graphics and music, this game has gotten more popular. It’s a type of game that keeps you engaged for hours. Develop a world of peace and happiness. Download it and have fun playing it. 

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