Pocket Mortys MOD APK v2.30.0 [Unlimited Coupons & Schmeckles]

App Name:Pocket Mortys MOD APK
Publisher:[Adult swim] games
Size:89 MB
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2022

About Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys MOD APK


Pocket Mortys MOD APK is a cartoon-based game. The full name of the game is Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys. This game was created after seeing the success of these cartoons. Rick and Morty is a famous cartoon series from Cartoon Network. 

This game contains the same interesting story as the cartoons. There are two main characters in this game, Rick and Morty. Rick is an old man who is also a crazy scientist, his grandson is Morty. Morty is a naughty child. He always teases his grandfather. 

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On one fine day, the evil version of the scientist appears from the lab and takes Morty with him to some other universe. Over 300 versions of Mortys are there in this universe. Their names are Car Morty and Pickle Morty etc.  

The only way to rescue Morty and take him back to this world is to collect all of Morty and fight against the evil rick and defeat him. The game has a good storyline. Players can surely enjoy this game.


Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK Gameplay

Pocket Mortys has such simple gameplay. Players can play this game without any effort. 

Players need to have a good collection of Morty’s to fight against these evil Ricks in a multiverse. 

Players have to keep a close eye on the characteristics of their Mortys and always try to improve their powers by completing the missions.


Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys APK Features

Journey of Multiverse

  • Pocket Mortys APK has many futuristic fictional features. With this game, the players can go on an exciting journey of many universes.
  • These unique concepts of this game, force players to play and lose the game. Many adventures are waiting for you as you proceed in the game. 

Creepy Monsters

  • Pocket Mortys has lots of characters in the game. The main purpose of the game is to fight evil Rick and rescue Morty.
  • But you will have to face several creepy monsters in the game. You have to use your Mortys thoughtfully as you have Mortys in low quantity.

Your Own Choices

  • This feature of Rick and Morty is the best so far. This feature allows the players to customize their game according to their will.
  • Publishers allow the players to choose a universe of their own choice and customize their game according to their will.

Power of Mortys

  • Mortys is the only resource for the players in this game. Players have to select and use these Mortys very carefully.
  • Mortys have different abilities and you can increase these abilities by frequently winning various matches in the game. 
  • By succeeding you can increase the attacking and defending capabilities of your Mortys. The more qualities your Mortys have, the better.  


  • Rick and Morty also have this multiplayer feature. This feature allows players from all around the world to join each other in the game.
  • Players are free to make groups with anyone online. 
  • Players can also make their team with their friends if they want.

Tips To Play 

  • Your Mortys are the real assets for you in the game. Try to heal your best Mortys after every fight. This can help you to go on the long way ahead.
  • Schmeckles are the most prestigious things in the game, try to save as many of them as you can. Because they can help you in your hour of need.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys MOD APK

Pocket Mortys MOD APK is the most advanced version of the original one from the play store. Many people enjoy this game, as this reminds them of their childhood cartoons. 

People are always emotionally attached to their favorite cartoons. By keeping this thing in mind, developers have developed this crazily adventurous game.

Although the original version of the Pocket, Mortys has many functionalities and free features still they have some of the paid features, which are not affordable for everyone. So, if you want to play this crazy cool game with its full might without spending any real cash.

You can consider Pocket Mortys MOD APK. As this MOD APK contains all of the premium features which you have to buy in the original game.

Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys MOD Features:

No background knowledge required

  • As you all know that this game is inspired by the famous cartoons Rick and Morty. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to watch all seasons of these cartoons for a better understanding of the game.
  • If you don’t watch cartoons, don’t worry. You will understand the whole story by playing this game. 


  • Rick and Morty MOD APK are free for everyone. You need no real cash to play or get this game.
  • This feature of the game made this game so popular that there are over 10 million downloads of this game on the play store

Best 2D Graphics

  • The game has classic two-dimensional gameplay. These simple yet amazing graphics made this game super easy to play.
  • The colors of the game are so bright and calm. Even playing this game for a long time cannot make so feel tired and fuzzy.

Unlimited Schmeckles

  • Schmeckles is the currency that is acceptable in Rick and Morty’s world. This currency is so unique that there are only 500 Schmecles in the whole universe, no more no less.
  • This thing makes these Schmeckles so unique. 

No Root Required

  • Pocket Mortys require no additional requirements like rooting a device. As we know, rooting the device is not a good idea.
  • That’s why this MOD APK doesn’t require a rooted device to get installed.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need to do anything to get these unlimited Schmeckles but just download this MOD APK from this website


Let’s conclude this Pocket Mortys MOD APK thing. This game has some solid reasons to download it. First of all, it’s based on our famous childhood cartoons. We can easily connect ourselves with this game. 

Secondly, there are lots of missions and other obstacles in the game which move us near Morty with every task completed. Moreover, this MOD APK solved our all game-related problems. Now, players have unlimited Schmeckles and they can spend it according to their needs. 

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