Pokemon Go MOD APK v0.251.2 [Unlimited Money] 2023

App Name:Pokemon Go MOD APK 
Publisher:Niantic Inc.
Size:100 MB 
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2022

About Pokemon Go MOD APK 


Pokemon Go MOD APK is completely compatible with the latest and very innovative, amazing app. It provides the players with fighting with their opponents. You have to kill your enemies and save yourself. Try to build your Pokemon team. In this way, you can easily challenge your friends or other members while playing different battles online.

You can also share your rewards and achievements with your friends on social media platforms. The players have to collect more than 500 Pokemons. They will be collected one by one. 

The complete attack and defense system of the Pokemon APK game is interesting and easy to understand. The players will be required to control the character present in the game. Through this, you have to catch various Pokemon. The players will be provided with reality technology in this game.

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This Pokemon Go exciting game provides a great feeling to all the real players playing this Pokemon game. You will find this game very chilling and entertaining along with your Pokemon. This Pokemon Go game will allow all the players to interact with different types of pokemon.


Pokemon Go APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this Pokemon Go game is very exciting. The players are required to collect different types of pokemon to make a team. It is a very adventurous game and one of the best games for having a gaming experience.

The players have to fill the Pokedex every time. The players have to kill their opponents in a very unique manner and gain different types of pokemon as rewards. You have to enjoy this game with a variety of Pokemons available in this game. You can enjoy an amazing world composed of numerous Monsters. 

The gameplay is very convenient and the player has to wander outside the house and search for numerous kinds of pokemon. The main target of all the players is to fill your Pokedex with all kinds of Pokemon.

The players can also choose many tournaments and events to complete and earn game coins. There are different gaming modes available in this game. A total of 3 gaming modes are there which provide you with different online contests also. The game interface is also very interesting and appealing for all the players.


Pokemon Go APK Features: 

Following are some of the features of Pokemon Go, an exciting game. These features are of versatile importance and should be considered by every player.

Real-Time Map

  • A realistic map will be provided to all the players in this Pokemon Go adventure game. The map will also comprise a GPS that is used for tracking your vehicle. It is a real-time map that looks very realistic and appealing to all the players.
  • The players can easily understand the provided map as it is not very difficult. The players will find it very interesting and beneficial while following the map.

Free Game 

  • This Pokemon Go game is completely free of cost for all the players. You can easily download it without any disturbance or interruption on your mobile phones as well as PCS. Android, as well as iPhone users both, can easily install it.
  • The players don’t need to pay a single amount for any purchases or installation of this game. All the features available in this game are easily accessible to all the players without paying any charges.

Latest Items 

  • This game comprises all the latest Pokemon items. All these items are there for overcoming the issues of pokemon. The issues may include Pokemon balls, berries, potions, heals, proteins, etc.
  • All these New Pokemon items are readily available for all the players to treat their pokemon well in the game.

Tips To Play

  • Try to collect all the types of Pokemon.
  • Fill your Pokedex quickly to win the level.

Pokemon Go MOD APK

There is also a modified version of the Pokemon Go adventure game. This MOD version provides the players with the opportunity of having unlimited money. This anti-ban version allows the players to play the game without getting banned.

It is completely safe and secure for downloading the game. In this modified version, the players will also get a chance to encounter a fake GPS. Through this feature, you can move your character anywhere you want. 

It will be a completely free choice for all the players. All the bug issues are resolved in this modified version. The controls are very simple and easy to understand by all the players in this Pokemon Go MOD APK version.

A huge variety of Pokemon and Pokedex data will be unlocked in this modified version. So play the game with full fun and excitement without any disturbance and irritation. It will be an ads-free version that will provide you with an upgraded gaming experience.

Pokemon Go MOD Features:

Following are the special features in the modified version of the Pokemon Go exciting game:

  • There is a complete availability of unlimited money to all the players in this modified version.
  • The players will experience an anti-ban version of this game.
  • This modified version is completely ad-free. It provides a great experience to all the players while playing the game.
  • There is a variety of unlocked Pokemon in this modified version.
  • You will also receive unlocked Pokedex data in this Pokemon Go MOD APK version.
  • The bug issues and all the other technical issues are resolved in this modified version. 
  • It is completely safe for installing this modified addition on your mobile phone.
  • This modified version also provides you with the feature of fake GPS.
  • It will allow you to move your character freely anywhere you want.
  • It will be easy for all the players to increase the power of your Pokemon in this modified and enhanced version.
  • You will also receive a joystick or a teleport for controlling your player in this modified game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the game is completely free of cost for all the players.

The Android mobile phones of version 6.0 and above are compatible with the installation of this modified version.


Pokemon Go MOD APK is for a great Pokemon gaming experience. Collect all the pokemon and fill the Pokedex. Enjoy the provision of unlimited money, joystick, anti-ban feature, fake GPS feature, etc. in this modified version. Play with your friends also to have a great gaming exposure. Enjoy the game and play with full dedication to win every level.

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