Prequel MOD APK v1.51.0 [Premium & Gold Unlocked]

App Name:Prequel MOD APK
Publisher:Prequel Inc.
Genre:Photo and video editor
Size:127 MB
Last Updated:17 Oct

About Prequel MOD APK


Every photographer likes the most amazing and powerful photo and video editor. The prequel MOD APK is the best editor for both videos and photos. It holds hundreds of filters and editing approaches that make your representation in social media outlets very decisive. It whips the most famous apps such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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You can color your picture and apply diverse filters to glorify your picture so that everyone adores your video. The tribulations of editing are conquered in this application for users.                                                                                                                           


Prequel APK

Prequel Apk is the sound video and photo editor that hit all types of editing that Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Many features of this application are free but some imaginative features are opened by some of your love with contributions.

It possesses the best-ever graphical user interface. Some times camera cannot seize the virgin magnificence of anything but Prequel Mod Apk delivers you the finest facility of amazing filters that embellishes your pictures and videos. You should be innovative by utilizing this app.

It downloads from the play store for Android and the App Store for IOS. It contains many visual effects that are why millions of installations ensue. It also downloads from the google play store.


Prequel APK Features:

Genuine-time camera

  • Genuine-time camera means real-time camera. This app gives you many features of the latest Hollywood effects and other effects in real time. It helps you take excellent pictures that emerged you to the next level.

Plenties of filters

  • Sometimes we want the best picture we have ever seen. So, Prequel Mod Apk is provided plenty of filters that help you to create an unforgettable and stunning picture.  Disco, party, and many others are the types of filters used in this app. 

Creative Filters and Effects

  • It has diverse free skins. It is revamped after some time with unexplored filters and effects. You can download these skins for free with no subscription expenditure.                           

Download at any Device

  • It has maneuvering on both Android and IOS devices for free without any structural concerns.                

Depend on your Choice

  • You can pick any color and any filters that you like for the emerging visions.       

 Tips to use:

  • First, You download it play store and app store for Android and IOS. 
  • Second, you agree with the terms and conditions given to you.
  • Third, you can pick any picture from the gallery or take a picture from this app and use different filters according to your essentials.
  • You can edit any picture and write text on it.   
  • You can upload this picture or any video after editing.           

Prequel MOD APK

The Prequel is the mod interpretation of the Prequel Apk. It cannot be downloaded from the google play store because it has fully unblocked features. In addition, it has a variety of multiple filters for you to use these filters for assembling your photo or video more gorgeous and unusual.

Moreover, it has evolved editing tools and customized settings that enable you to customize any filter. Every user can effortlessly operate this app because it is having a user-friendly interface. It becomes most prevalent because millions of people use it and exalt their levels on social media zones.

Prequel MOD Features:

Prequel Mod Apk has superb features that’s why it became extremely prevalent in a fast time span.

 Diverse Effects

  • The prequel has many types of effects that you can use these effects for the making of magnificent and beautiful photos and videos.VHS, Miami, Prism and plastic, and more are the trending effects nowadays. These effects enable you to produce your photo or video according to your demand.    

Creative presets

  • There are many creative or aesthetic presets. These preset aid the further users of the application to edit in a few fixtures. Users can efficiently select various effects and filters to form a stunning picture.

Free of cost

  • Prequel Mod is free of cost. It cannot be available on the google play store. It is downloaded from the website of this application without any expense. You can use every feature of this application.

Fast editing

  • The process of editing in Prequel Mod Apk is very easy and fast. You can edit any picture or video very easily using easy editing strategies. This application is quicker than other editing apps.

Color Correction

  • The prequel gives the facility of color correction. Sometimes a simple camera can’t take a pure picture according to your requirements so this app helps you to convert the color to compose a beautiful picture.

Friendly user interface

  • The user interface of Prequek Mod Apk is very simple and friendly. The main reason for the popularity of any app is the friendly user interface. Users can readily utilize this app with the help of a friendly interface.

No Ads

  • Prequel Mod Apk is having no ads. You can use it without any ads which can disturb you. This app is very popular with many videos and photo editors.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download and install this because this version is extremely clean. 

Yes, Prequel Mod Apk is free to download and you don’t need to pay any grant to download and use it.

No, this app is a mode version and can’t be downloaded from the google play store. It can safely be downloaded from our website without any cost.


Prequel MOD APK is the best-ever photo and video editor. It offers its user many types of filters and features for pictures. If you are a professional photographer it gives you the chance to become the best photo and video editor.

It has many features such as no ads, a real-time camera, color correction, a costless, and friendly user interface, and many more. In the end, the Prequel Mod Apk is the best editing app.

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