Pubg MOD APK v2.4.0 [Unlimited Everything]

App Name:Pubg MOD APK
Publisher:Tencent Games
Last Updated:1 Feb 2023

About Pubg MOD APK


Pubg MOD APK is a fantastic game. It is a multiplayer and action play that initiates many analogs. We have to talk about the celebrity this game has reached.

It’s massive. People from all around the world play this game. It’s highly addictive, and once you start playing it you’ll spend hours on your phone.

The game is about fighting. You need to fight your superiors or say real players in the game. Not only this, you have to build specific structures and fortifications. When it comes to the high-quality weapons available in this game.

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You will find uniqueness in every weapon. The developers of this game made sure that the users are given quality weapons to play with. In this way, they can have real fighting experiences of all time. 


Pubg APK Gameplay

We must discuss the exciting gameplay this game provides. Even a hundred people can play this game in the same location at the same time.

You have a selection of locations from which to choose. And each location is flawlessly designed. It imparts practical knowledge.

You may be wondering therefore how to play Pubg MOD APK. You begin the game in a location that you have selected. Your objective is to endure. Remember that you are not alone; others are also participating in this game.

You must gather essential items you believe you will need in the game. Also, kill your enemies. The adversaries in this game are the other players in the game. Be vigilant and eliminate them all to win.


Pubg APK Features:

There are many APK features in this game. The cool APK features of this game are listed below.

Maps related to battles

  • So there are huge and a variety of locations you get to play in. you can choose the night mode, the day mode, or even a different weather mode like rain.
  • Apart from this, you get real locations to play in. Each location is new and has a different structure. It’s important to remember the sites and places in the locations so that you know where you are standing. 

Mind-blowing Graphics

  • One of the biggest reasons why this game got famous was because of its graphics. You won’t believe it, but the demand for this game is very high.
  • It still is. It has attracted users worldwide because of the 3D graphics it provides. And it gets better every time. So mentioning the graphics of this game is a must. 

AimBot Feature

  • This is a cool and new feature this game has come up with. The aimbot tool allows you to hide from enemies.
  • In this way, you can easily kill your enemies when you are around them. They won’t find out that you’re there. But your timing should be right, otherwise, you will get caught. 

Tips To Play

Many people play this game and have become pros at it. If you are new to this game, we have provided some guidelines that will help you out. 

  • It is important to plan your moves. Your enemy is always watching you. So make sure you keep an eye on them before they kill you.
  • Using the aimbot feature at the right time is a must. Make sure you do that and don’t get caught.
  • Collect tools that can be used as a weapon. And make sure to select the best weapons from the weapons list.
  • You should have tools with you all the time. So that in case you run out of bullets you have other options to kill. 


Pubg MOD APK is a survival as well as an action game. Here you are left with the locations of Miramar and many more with about a hundred different people. What’s your goal in this? 

You have to survive and make your way to the end. Find weapons on the battlefield as well as collect tools that can be used as weapons. Survival in this game is not at all easy. It’s very difficult. This is why it keeps the users distracted for hours. And they get so involved in the game. 

Many more new versions of this have been introduced. With each offering different features. If you get into playing this game, I’m hundred percent sure that you will love it.

The new modified version of this game offers different gameplay. With quality sounds as well as graphics, it gets so much better and takes your game to another level. You should have this game on your phone by now. 

Pubg MOD Features:

Now let’s take a look at the MOD Features of this game. It’s exceptional and so cool. 

New Locations

  • The modified version brings new locations for its users to play in. in the previous version you get limited locations to play and fight. But new locations are added in this modified version. Now you can try these new locations and explore them.

The Royal pass

  • This is an exclusive feature you get in this game. With the royal pass, you can upgrade your character, change outfits as well as get new missions that bring rewards. The rewards in the game are very crucial. 

Different Modes

  • A game should always offer different modes for its users to play in. because playing the game every day in the same mode gets boring.
  • The developers kept this thing in mind and have introduced a variety of modes that the users can choose from. You can even play this game at night or day depending on your preference. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You can get this game anywhere.

Indeed, iPhone, as well as Android users, can get this game. 

There are a lot of new and cool features you get in the latest modified version of this game.


To end the report, Pubg MOD APK is one of the most fabulous fighting games you will ever play. We have mentioned all the reasons why this game got so famous. But please experience the game by yourself. Please install this game’s latest and modified version and enjoy playing it.

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