Raid MOD APK v6.20.1 [Unlimited Money & Gems]

App Name:Raid MOD APK 
Publisher:Plarium Global Ltd.
Genre:Role Playing
Size:114 MB
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2022

About Raid MOD APK


This Raid MOD APK game is a role-playing game and is very popular among gamers nowadays. The player community has been increasing the demand for playing this game for a few years. The game comprises numerous exciting features.

You will be provided with different warriors that you have collected. There are numerous creatures from which the players have to fight and collect rewards in return. You can also play multiplayer mode in this game. 

A multiplayer mode makes the game more interesting and fun to play with your friends. You can easily invite your friend from different social media profiles or can play with other players available online. The gameplay is very exciting and you will be receiving rewards.

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It will be possible when you play the game with complete strategy and efficiency. This Shadow Legends raid game includes a fantasy world with animated characters. You will be provided with numerous battles which will be very adventurous and exciting for all the players. 

A battle system is available in which you will be batting from numerous huge creatures. By winning the battles you will be receiving generous rewards. A huge variety of characters is also available in this game. The storyline is simple yet challenging. So you have to play with complete accuracy in this fantasy thrilling game.


Raid APK Gameplay 

The gameplay of this exciting raid game is exciting and the storyline is also simple. Here you will be choosing the character of your own choice. There is a combat system in which you have to play battles with your opponents.

Before starting each battle, the players can also get information regarding the creatures and the world. You can easily unlock the new areas in the game by following the map provided to you. Here the players will find the battle story very interesting. You will also receive numerous rewards and surprises while playing any battle. 

There are various opportunities for the players to develop their ranking in the game. There is no age limit for playing this game. This Raid gaming application also helps the players in training themselves if they are not experienced in this game.

They can also explore numerous surrounding areas and interact with other players. You can also see the game stats and experience of other players before playing with them. It is a complete strategic game where you will also find thrill and excitement while playing it.


Raid APK Features: 

Following are the features included in this Raid role-playing game:

Numerous Raid Enemies 

  • A dungeon element is present in this great game. You have to explore this element and other raid enemies. All these enemies add excitement and enjoyment while playing the game. They are animated characters and add more attraction to this fantasy-based game.
  • These enemies help in making the atmosphere dark and scary for the players. There are dungeons present. The players have to defeat them along with the dungeons.
  • There are other creatures also that will be defeated by you. While playing the game and fighting in any battle, you can steal anything from your opponents.

Multiplayer Fighting 

  • A multiplayer fighting mode is also available in this game. This mode helps the players in playing the game with fun and excitement. You can interact with your friends and invite them to play this exciting Raid Shadow Legends game.
  • Playing with your friends will make this game more interesting against your enemies. Try to win all the battles and reach high levels in this game.

Exclusive 3D Artwork

  • A 3D Artwork is done with numerous 3D animations in this game. All the animations are used to make the game high-level fantasy or 3D.
  • They give a very appealing look to all the players. You will be experiencing numerous skills and attack unique animations.
  • The gameplay and the interface of this game are beautiful and u will be experiencing 3D fighters as well. It looks interesting and adds more attraction while playing the game.

Tips To Play

  • Try to collect special drops of champion it will help you in increasing your profile and chances of winning


The Raid Shadow Legends game has introduced the modified version as well. This Raid MOD APK provides you with numerous exciting features. They are modified and give more interesting gameplay. You will be experiencing unlimited gems in this modified version.

It will help you in playing the game with more fun and efficiency. This modified version also offers the players increased battle speed. 

You will be having fun and do not have to worry while playing any battle in this modified version. The players can easily collect many weapons without any difficulty.

Your fortress will also be upgraded in this enhanced version of the Raid gaming application. It is a tactical game and provides you with enhanced 3D graphics and animations in this version.

Raid MOD Features:

Following are the features experienced by the players while playing the modified version of this Raid game:

  • The players will receive unlimited money and unlimited gems in this modified version.
  • This version is very easy to play and free to download for all players. 
  • The gamers will find it interesting when they will be offered unlimited energy in this modified version.
  • The special gear in this game will also be unlocked for all the players.
  • While playing this MOD version you can experience the enhanced battle speed which will help you in winning the battles easier. 
  • The graphics and visual effects are enhanced and clear in this MOD version of the Raid game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Android version 5.0 and more can easily install this Raid Shadow legends APK game.

There are a total of 12 role-playing game locations where the player can play easily.


Download Raid MOD APK for having a great experience of role-playing games. In this game, you will be battling numerous creatures. The game possesses high-quality graphics and animations. It becomes a more fantasy world while playing the game.

The Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK game is very interesting with the availability of unlimited gems and money for all. You will be experiencing the enhanced battle speed as well. This will help you in conquering against your enemies easier.

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