Real Cricket 20 MOD APK v5.3 (Unlocked Everything)

App Name:Real Cricket 20 MOD APK
Publisher:Nautilus Mobile
Size:586 MB
Last Updated:7 Sep

About Real Cricket 20 MOD APK


Real Cricket 20 MOD APK is a game that is based on the most thrilling and interesting physical game cricket. Cricket is on the 7th point of the most famous played game around the world. England is the origin of this marvelous game.

Cricket is now recognizable and played by over 100 countries. However, this game is quite famous and plays an important role in India, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, and last but not least England. 

Real Cricket 20 game has all characteristics of this physical game. The game has many cricket teams from different countries. Players can select their favorite country’s team and start playing with them. 

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Players can select one stadium of their choice from many famous stadiums around the world. The crowd appearance and real-time commentary make this game a real beast. Put up your gloves and take your cricket bat to hit the long sixes of all times to defeat the opposite team.


Real Cricket 20 APK Gameplay

Real Cricket 20 APK has a realistic gameplay approach. Players can play with their favorite teams in the game. The game pays attention to every small detail of the game.

Bollers can spin and select any angles to the ball perfectly and try to take the wicket. While on the other hand batsman has all of the game controls and he can hit sixers or fours with his batting skills. 

The sound of crowds with every boundary or wicket seems so realistic. Weather appearance is also realistic in the gameplay. Matches can be played both during the day and at night times. 


Real Cricket 20 APK Features:

Create your own Team

  • Real Cricket 20 allows its users to create their teams themselves. Players have to evaluate each player before entering their team. 
  • If you’re a true cricket enthusiast, then you can easily select good players for your team as you have already watched them playing in real life. 
  • But, if you’re new to this cricket world then no need to worry. This game shows all of the possible stats of each player. This thing can help you in creating your team.

Match Setup

  • This is one of the great features of this game, indeed. With this, you can map up your whole cricket match. Players can select match overs from 5 overs to 50 overs.
  • Players also have the power to select their favorite cricket grounds. After selecting the ground, the cricket pitch can also be selected by players.
  • Players might select dry, green, or wet pitches. So, it’s totally up to you.

Game Accessories 

  • This feature of the game allows players to upgrade their exciting accessories with new and most advanced accessories.
  • Players can change their bats, balls, gloves, and other parts of their kits too. Lots of unique and powerful bats are available to purchase in the game.

Play with friends

  • You guys can now play this game with your friends or family with the 2v2 feature. In this, there are teams and each team has 2 players.
  • If your team got to bat first then one player will bat and the second player remains on the nonstriker side.  

Realistic Graphics

  • Along with all of these impressive features of the game, we couldn’t ignore its graphics and sound effects.
  • The presence and cheering of crowds in the stadium just lit the ambiance and players can also enjoy these visuals and sound effects.
  • Its realistic graphics make this game superior to its competitors. 

Tips To Play 

  • If we talk about batsmen, defense is more important than hits. A good batsman must know when to hit and when to defend. As you’re facing the AI-based bowler. So, every decision is important.
  • If we talk about bowlers, bowling the AI-based batsman is always crucial as these AI bots are trained for every possible situation. So, try to test multiple bowl lengths and spins to get the minimum score or to take the wicket.

Real Cricket 20 MOD APK

Real Cricket 20 MOD APK refers to the most premium modded versions of the original game. MOD APK is the modified and unlocked version of the original game. 

This MOD APK has all premium features unlocked for its users. Players can buy anything of their choice in this MOD APK. 

Unlimited customization and money are the most prominent features of this MOD APK.

Real Cricket 20 MOD APK Features

Test Matches

  • Real Cricket 20 MOD APK allows its players to enjoy each part of this exciting game. Players can also play test matches which are the purest type of cricket. Test matches are long-time matches that may last up to four days for both innings. 


  • Real Cricket 20 has this coolest feature of commentary. Commentary is the most important aspect of cricket matches. Players can feel bored without it. Commentaries are available in more than one language in this game.

Unlimited Money

  • Like all of the other games. Real Cricket 3D also needs money to explore all of its paid features. This MOD APK has unlimited money streams in the game, which never ends. Players can buy themselves the newly available kits as a reward.

No in-game interruptions

  • Real Cricket 20 MOD APK has no in-game interruptions like unnecessary ads and other pop-ups. Players can enjoy only pure cricket in this MOD APK. Let’s give this MOD APK a try to amaze you.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Like all other games, coins can be used to purchase different in-game features likes bats, and bowls, unlock new teams’ uniforms, etc. 

Yes, RC 20 can be played both ways online or offline


Real Cricket 20 MOD APK is an ideal game for millions of cricket lovers all around the world. The game is so famous that it has millions of downloads from PlayStore and AppStore separately.

Players enjoy this game due to its realistic game approach. Everything seems realistic in the game. So, if you are a true cricket enthusiast then this game is for you.

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