Rooter MOD APK v6.4.3.1 [Unlimited Coins/Money]

App Name:Rooter MOD APK
Publisher:Google Commerce Ltd
Size:133 MB
Last Updated:2 Sep

About Rooter MOD APK


About the Rooter MOD APK, it is again one of the streaming applications for games as well as esports. This is an Indian application and allows users to watch sports or watch their favorite games through this app. If you are interested in watching live games, then I’d suggest you download this application.  

This application provides a very thrilling gaming experience one can ever witness. If you don’t feel like playing but are a sports lover.

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Then you should have this application as it is going to help you with your boredom. The application was always famous in India, but now the app has gotten famous across the globe and people have started using it a lot more. 


Rooter APK Gameplay 

Rooter MOD APK is a perfect platform for people who love game shows as well as esports. This app has gotten everything stored for you. Starting from streaming cool games to esports, and watching live streams of your favorite sports players.

You get all of this here. Once you download the application, I’m sure you will find yourself using it more than any other application on your phone. 

Talking about the APK version of this application. Then it is very basic and offers features that are just enough for users to enjoy. With the plain interface and quality graphics, the app has gotten a lot of positive reviews.

People tend to enjoy it because it’s basic to use. So the app is not just only about streaming but you get rewards and can even participate in giveaways if you are an active user. 


Rooter APK Features:

Now let us talk about the APK features of this streaming application. One by one we’ll discuss its unique features.

Very basic

  • One of the reasons why users love using his app is because of its basicness. There are no efforts required to use this application. While other streaming applications are a little complex to use.
  • This app was specially designed in a way that users don’t find it hard to use. Download and start streaming your all-time favored games and sports. 

Pixel Quality

  • Streaming applications should offer high-quality graphics to the users. It’s because that is what is expected of such apps. The application provides HD streaming along with audible and quality sounds.

Get Rewards

  • With the application, you can also gain rewards. This is how it works. If you are an active user and stream regularly then you can participate in giveaways by watching ads. In this way, you might get rewards if you win the giveaway. 

Tips To Use

This application is known for its basicness. It’s not at all hard to use. These small tips will help you get started with it.

  • Use this application regularly, this will help you to earn points.
  • Getting points is a good thing. The points can be redeemed for rewards and prizes.
  • Watching ads will give you a chance to participate in giveaways. 
  • Customize your suggestions list. So that you can watch your favorite sports shows on the go.

Rooter MOD APK

Now it’s time for you to get the modified version of Rooter MOD APK. The reason is that this version contains many more exciting features.

In the previous version, you might get to see the annoying ads. But now with the new modified version, you get zero ads. Now you can continue streaming your favorite games without any disturbance. 

With zero ads, another exciting feature is that it offers countless coins. Coins are very important in this application. Because it helps you to purchase stuff that you want. All your favorite gaming shows can be bought using these coins.

While some are available for free, in case of some you will need coins. But with the modified version you get free coins., so now you are getting access to all the content of this application. 

Rooter MOD Features:

Modified features of this application are great. It’s the best I must add. Let us give you details about the MOD features of this app.

Ad free streamings

  • Yes, now you don’t have to worry about closing ads in the middle of your streamings.
  • As with the MOD version, you get no ads. This is one of the best features this app could offer to its users.


  • Having coins in this application is a must. Through the coins, you can purchase all that you desire.
  • Get rewards as well as participate in giveaways and win as many times as you want. This is the best streaming application you will ever get. 

 Unlimited Videos

  • So this application is not just about watching games. With that, you get a lot of side options.
  • You can watch all sorts of videos that are related to games in this app. So you can not just stream games but game-related videos too. Isn’t this a plus?

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you must have the MOD version of this application.

Indeed, this is an esports as well as games streaming application.

No, you have to manually update the application.


Coming towards the end, I’d say that Rooter MOD APK is an exceptional streaming app you will ever get. With the awesome and cool features this application offers, the users enjoy it more than ever. The application has gained popularity because of the remarkable as well as quality features that it offers. 

With so many rewards and countless coins, you can purchase all that you desire in this application. Stream your favorite gaming shows for as long as you want. And with the new modified version, you get to stream without any disturbance. 

We have found the perfect streaming platforms for game and sports lovers. Rooter is perfect for you. Download this application and let us know your feedback. 

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