Rucoy Online MOD APK v1.24.0 [Unlimited Gold & Diamonds]

App Name:Rucoy Online MOD APK
Genre:Role Playing
Size:19 MB
Last Updated:22 Oct

About Rucoy Online MOD APK


Rucoy Online MOD APK is a multiplayer game but it’s not like the typical multiplayer game. Rucoy online is available on both ios and android platforms. This game is very different from all other multiplayer games out there on the market.

Now the world is moving towards ultra high-resolution games and 3D graphics, which is the future of gaming. This game is a 2D game based on pixel graphics but despite 2D the storyline and features of this game make it super interesting for its players. 

This is an open-world game in which players prepare themselves to survive all of the coming obstacles with their survival skills.

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This game provides three different classes of characters to its players: Knight, Archer, and Mage. Players can switch between them in-game.

You can make teams in this game to fight the monsters that came in-game and earn extra experience. There are also many in-game tasks that you have to clear to get extra in-game currency through which you can improve your game score and unlock the features to stand out from all other players out there in-game. 


Rucoy Online APK Gameplay

Rucoy Online has a very simple yet appealing gameplay experience. There are lots of pixel graphics that combine to make this game. It looks like this game is from the 19’s but its storyline is no less than any other online multiplayer game. It works on very simple gestures; you can just drag the player to move and touch your target to hit them. 

There are also innocent people in this game, if you kill one of them you will become cursed. So, make sure not to kill the innocent ones otherwise be ready to get cursed. If you kill cursed people this thing won’t make you cursed and if you kill the cursed people there’s a gold reward for you.

Despite just killing the curses or monsters you can use spells on evil and ugly creatures to kill them. There are a variety of monsters in the game to find and hunt. 

Users can explore this game as much as they can and find hidden treasures and other helping equipment.

So, go into the game, team up with other players to make monsters, and explore the never-ending world of this game. Kill the cursed ones and save the innocents. This multiplayer game can be run on low-end devices very easily. Low-budget gamers can also enjoy this game.


Rucoy Online APK Features:

  • Single or Multiplayer:

You can play as a single player to explore the game or you can build your team with other people to hunt and kill the monsters.


  • You can change classes during combat. Three classes are available for the players to shift in between them even during combat.
  • Those three classes are Knight, Mage, and Archer. These classes provide you with a different set of skills, weapons, and stats. 


  • The main feature of this game is its simplicity. This game is also suitable for kids, as they are not so familiar with the technology, they can also play this game and enhance their problem-solving skills. 

Graphics and sound experience

  • Rucoy Online has the best graphic experience of its types. I know many people say that this game is pixel and 2D based, yeah that’s true but they build this game in a way that is pixelated and 2D game, this game appeals to users to play.
  • The sound experience of this game is also very good, by the game. 

No need to register

  • There’s no need to register to play this game, you can just open the game and link your account, and boom you’re good to go, there’s no need for registration and other stuff that irritates you.

Tips To Play

  • AFK is the main feature (Away From Keyboard) of this game, AFK means if a person gets away from the game for more than 9+ minutes, they will automatically be disconnected from the game.
  • If you get killed by another player you lose (Level x 50) gold.
  • There will be a black skull appearing on every player who attacks another player in the game. Players who have black SKULL are the worst killers.

Rucoy Online MOD APK

If you’re a gaming person who loves to play and spend time while playing games, you will know that no matter how supreme or pro player you are there’s always a shortage of in-game coins and money. In order to collect in-game coins and money, you will have to go through many in-game challenges and other obstacles and then you get those coins. 

But if you want to get unlimited in-game money you can download and install Rucoy Online MOD APK, this will give you unlimited money so you can open up all the treasuries and scale up your game.

Rucoy Online MOD APK Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features you’ll get in this app:

Unlimited Money

  • In this MOD APK, you will get unlimited money and coins. You can use these coins to buy different gadgets.

Unlimited Cosmetic Items

  • In this MOD APK, you will get unlimited cosmetic items to customize your game hero and scale up the game. 


  • This game is also anti-ban which means you can play this game for as long as you can without any fear of getting banned from the game. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free for all of its users and will always be free for all.

Yes, you can also play this game on your computer through an emulator.

Yes, this game is free from all viruses and malware. You can download and install this game without any fear. 


If you’re a person with a low-budget device who also wants to play a good game. Then, this game is specially made for you. Go give it a shot.

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