Shadow Fighter MOD APK v1.44.1 [Unlimited Gems]

App Name:Shadow Fighter MOD APK
Publisher:TOH Games
Size:42 MB
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2022

About Shadow Fighter MOD APK


Shadow fighter MOD APK is a perfect action as well as a fighting game for youngsters. If you are obsessed with playing fighting games then this game is perfect for you to play.

The game includes monsters like zombies, so to win you need to fight against the zombies and kill them all to level up. Remember, each time you win your level gets more difficult. So apply strategy and play this game like a true champion.

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In the beginning, you will only have one sword to play with. But as you level up and kill zombies, you will develop special skills and your strength will improve. Not only this but you will get new weapons to play with. All this will lead to victory and you can become a champion in this game.

The zombies can appear from anywhere, so make sure to stay alert and watch out for any unexpected attack. This is a perfect action game you can ever play. So install it now and get ready to kill some zombies.


Shadow Fighter APK Gameplay

If you think you are good at action games then Shadow Fighter APK is best for you to play. It’s a perfect ninja game where you get to fight with zombies. The zombies can attack you from anywhere, so you have to guard yourself by killing zombies.

The game is perfect for you if you are a sword lover. But as you level up you get to play with new weapons as well. The new weapons are more powerful so they will kill the zombies more efficiently. Install the game now! And take out your sword to kill zombies.


Shadow Fighter APK Features:

The game offers new and exciting APK features to its users. Try these features out and enjoy playing the game.

Cool Gameplay

  • Shadow fighter MOD APK offers very cool gameplay with easy controls. The moving and the attacking tools appear at the bottom of the screen. The game is very easy to play. You just have to move the icons and start playing. Kill the zombies at the right time and stay alive.

Perfect Graphics

  • Another very important feature this game provides is cool graphics. The game offers very different graphics to its users. Although the graphics are 2D, the color combinations and the contrast makes it so much better.
  • Not only this but the sound quality is also just perfect. Apart from this, the game does not lag and runs smoothly and just fine.

Character selection

  • You also get to choose between five different characters. The characters possess different powers so each character is unique. You can always play with your favorite character, practice, and then get to know about their strengths.

Tips To Play

  • The game is very easy to play but below mentioned are a few tips that will help you get started and play this game like a pro.
  • Read the instructions for this game first and then start playing. This will give you an idea of how to play this game and what are its requirements
  • Select your character, and then stick to that. You can always play with new characters but sticking to your old player will improve your game overall
  • Make the best use of weapons and don’t waste them. Keep your life strength and watch out for unexpected attacks.
  • There are a lot of levels in the game and each level gets hard. So win more so that you can get the best weapons to play with.

Shadow Fighter MOD APK

Shadow Fighter MOD APK is the perfect action game you can ever play. The modified version includes advanced features which are available for free. The gameplay is pretty much the same, except that it provides improved graphics and sound quality. 

Moreover, you can play the game without any disturbance as the game is ad-free. The game is highly addictive and once you start playing this, there is no coming back. So get the game now and enjoy playing using its modified features.

Shadow Fighter MOD Features:

Shadow fighter MOD features are amazing. Try these new features out and enjoy playing the game

Countless coins and money

  • The modified version of this game provides countless amounts of money. The money can be used to purchase weapons of your choice. Now you can win against the zombies while playing with your favorite weapons.

Ad free

  • Perhaps the best thing about this game is that it is completely ad-free. So now you can enjoy playing the game without any disturbance. We all know how annoying ads are especially when you are playing an interesting game. The modified version lets you play the game without any disturbance.

Free everything

  • Not only do you get free money but free everything. Everything is already unlocked in this version and now you don’t have to wait to get your favorite characters to play with. Or when you have to fight with different characters. Get the game now and enjoy everything for free.
  • You also get unique and different weapons to play with. The weapons are very important as they allow you to kill the zombies easily and better. In this way, you can become a true champion of this game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the game can be played for free. Just install it once and then enjoy playing

Yes, it does but for that, you need to install the version

Yes, you just need to install the game once, and then you can enjoy playing it offline.


Shadow fighter MOD APK is a very different game, where you become a true ninja and fight against the zombies. There are so many levels in the game and each level gets difficult and harder. 

Apart from this, you get to play with different characters. There are a total of five characters that you can choose from and each character has its different strength and power. So get the game now, and get ready to experience a real battle with zombies. Enjoy playing!

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