Six Guns MOD APK v2.9.9 [Unlimited Everything]

App Name:Six Guns MOD APK
Publisher:Gameloft SE
Size:422 MB
Last Updated:23 Sep

About Six Guns MOD APK


A third-person shooting and action game is called Six Guns MOD APK. Here, you may role-play, go to beautiful parts of the United States of America, and see the undesirable things that people do in the city.

You may assume the role of a hero and save villagers while exploring caverns to learn details about the city. Try it right away; you won’t regret it!

You have obligations that you must fulfill. The first assignment in the game is a plea for assistance made by a stunning woman. You have to help her.

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The game will prompt you to purchase a gun after you kill the gangster and defend the woman since doing so will enable you to complete further missions waiting for you. The store is where you may buy your firearm.

One of the missions will involve chasing a werewolf, which the black rabbits will attempt to prevent. You can now shoot those rabbits using your weapons. Using a horse for this duty is best because doing so could let the werewolf out.

So be ready for the ultimate cowboy experience, where you enjoy yourself while fending off thugs and defending innocent people.


Six Guns APK Gameplay

Six Guns MOD APK will immerse you in a cowboy adventure where you may discover uncharted territory and face unusual foes head-on. There will be many adversaries in the game since you are sought.

The city is full of terrifying occurrences and exhausting tasks you must overcome. Don’t let the city’s surroundings deceive you; a shadow that doesn’t belong there is watching over you.

You will need to complete forty tasks, and each one grows more complex as you progress through the game. It would help if you hunted down the robbers, killed adversaries, and raced horses. But keep in mind that every task is unique and complicated.

You will undoubtedly be provided with equipment, such as firearms, to protect you and innocent citizens. The weapons are fantastic but use the weapons responsibly. Install Six Guns right now if you want to play a challenging game.


 Six Guns APK Features:

Let’s now explore Six Gun’s impressive features.

Epic Narrative

  • Six Guns is an intriguing plot. A man named Buck Crroshow must pretend to be dead to go to Arizona, but first, he must travel through some evil and complete specific duties.
  • Thus, cowboys, robbers, and many more characters are central to the subject.

8 Special Horses

  • The best and most enjoyable aspect is the horse racing challenge. You’ll have to act like a real cowboy and fulfill several tasks here.
  • Eight distinct horses will be available for you to pick from, each with unique traits and powers. So, take any ride you like. Don’t worry about dying; give your best.

Collection of weapons

  • Play around with various weaponry. By completing objectives, you’ll be able to unlock a lot more new weaponry. You will be able to utilize different weaponry as you finish more tasks.

Tips To Play

The game Six Guns is challenging. The instructions stated below will show you the proper way to play.

  • The game’s primary goal is to perform chores, therefore, do it.
  • Make use of the most excellent tools. Consider your assignment before selecting a weapon.
  • Play cautiously and keep your identity a secret. Stay away from the adversary, especially.
  • Choose the finest horses in the horse racing challenge by completing all the tasks.
  • You can learn more about the city and its inhabitants if you take care of innocent civilians and continue to explore.

Six Guns MOD APK

One of the most thrilling and challenging games you will ever play has been released by Gameloft. Six Guns MOD APK is the name of it. You have the chance to investigate and put a stop to the strange things that are happening in the city.

Keep in mind that you are the savior and that you must correct all that is wrong. You are in charge of everything, from guarding innocent people to exploring caves to ultimately accomplishing objectives.

Now that the game has been changed, you may enjoy several advantages that will surprise you and make Six Guns slightly simple to play.

In Six Guns, you go on an excellent action adventure where you must overcome puzzles and successfully finish your task without dying. To accomplish your objective, you must make sure that you have high-quality weaponry. Gain experience to unlock all the newest weaponry.

In addition, play with eight different horses and finish objectives related to horse racing while playing with your preferred horses. Prepare yourself to defend the city from evil deeds right now.

Six Guns MOD Features:

Some new features were included in the updated version. Let’s look at the game’s latest additions.

Newer weapons added

  • New equipment is introduced to the weapons to draw the players’ attention. Now you may play with brand-new weaponry for nothing.
  • You don’t have to wait and finish tasks to access them. You will now receive all weapons for free if you use the modified version. Is this not ideal?

Good graphics

  • Six Guns has some incredible visuals. Both the primary character and the stunning American landscapes have a very authentic feel to them.
  • The game’s animations have undergone extensive development. Install Six Guns, and you’ll be able to verify that for yourself.

Strong Audio Effects

  • The audio effects in Six Guns make you feel like you are playing the game. The dramatic sound effects tell when there is tension in a game.
  • Similarly, the background music is exciting and entertaining to keep people interested.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

The developer of Six Guns is Gameloft.

The game Six Guns is an offline game.

You may install Six Guns on your devices without any risk.


You now have all the information you want about Six Guns MOD APK. When you play this, you will have a great time. Because once you start playing this game, it’s tough and will keep you interested for hours. 

Discover as much as you like to learn about the city’s sinister secrets. It will be simpler for you to complete obstacles the further you explore. Use the horses you choose to ride while playing with your preferred firearms. Just be careful to do all the assignments on your path. Get it right now, and then get ready for your life’s most extraordinary cowboy experience.

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