Space Shooter MOD APK v1.629 (Infinite Diamonds)

App Name:Space Shooter MOD APK
Publisher:OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Size:150 MB
Last Updated:2 Sep

About Space Shooter MOD APK

Space Shooter MOD APK is a fantastic and unique space shooting game with lots of excellent features. In this game, you travel in the galaxy to destroy the nasty and dangerous enemies who want to destroy all the galaxy or earth.

You are the commander of a spaceship with a small army and need to protect the whole earth from the doom of aliens. This game has very interesting gameplay, astonishing graphics, and powerful sound effects. You enjoy different in-game challenges by fighting with different harmful bosses.

This game offers you lots of upgrades for your spaceship to make it more powerful. You also discover different amazing boosters and powerups to enhance your space power. This game is developed by OneSoft Global PTE. LTD and has the best space shooting fights.

Space Shooter APK Gameplay

Space Shooter has an exciting and addictive gameplay of space shooting. In this game, you are the commander of a spaceship with a military group and fight with all the enemies in the galaxy who want to invade the earth.

Your fight with many dangerous groups of unusual enemies, robots, big bosses, and many more scary villains. You play different in-game challenges to destroy all the enemies and their space crafts.

In this game, you use different stunning cannon blasts and weapons, and collect different upgrades or powerups to make your spaceship powerful and unbeatable.

You can control your spacecraft, enjoy different tremendous in-game levels, and fight their difficult enemy bosses skillfully. It also offers you to join other gamers online to defend the galaxy and become the hope of people.

Space Shooter APK Features:

Now we describe some fantastic features of Space Shooter.

Unique Space Shooting Gameplay

  • Space Shotter has an exciting and mind-blowing gameplay of space shooting.
  • In this game, you fight with different enemies of space who wants to take over the galaxy or earth.
  • You are the commander of a spaceship and a group of military and play different in-game challenges that are full of difficulties.

Easy and Reliable Controller

  • This game has very excellent gameplay with a simple controller.
  • It has a very simple user interface that lets you control your ship according to your hopes.
  • You enjoy the reliable one-touch control system to defeat enemies.

Enjoy diverse Challenges and Levels

  • This game has very interesting and tricky challenges or levels.
  • You fight with different enemies and their bosses in diverse in-game challenges and enjoy a fantastic journey in space.

Free to Download and Play

  • OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. has developed this outstanding Space Shooter game which has lots of amazing features with interesting gameplay.
  • You enjoy these all interesting features without any payment because it is free to download and play.

Collect different Boosters and Power-ups

  • In this game, you fight with different hilarious enemies that have lots of powers and skills.
  • So you need to collect or discover different boosters and power-ups to make your spaceship stronger than enemies.

Play Online with other galaxy defenders

  • Besides these fantastic features, you also play with different friends and other online gamers through the internet.
  • You join other extraordinary gamers online to defeat all the rivals from space.

Tips To Play

This game has lots of difficulties and challenges. To get a huge achievement you need to follow the instruction given below:

  • To play Space Shooter you first install this game and play different in-game challenges.
  • Drag our spaceship in different directions skillfully to conquer the enemies.
  • Explore different fantastic boosters and power-ups to enhance your fighting and destroying skills.
  • Upgrade your space ship which enables you to destroy all the enemies.
  • Use different excellent weapons such as cannon blasts, fires, and much more destructive.
  • Play online with different online gamers all around the world to defeat enemies collaboratively. 

Space Shooter MOD APK

Space Shooter MOD APK  is the modded version of a simple game and has completely unblocked gameplay. In this game, you enjoy interesting space fighting by destroying lots of dangerous enemies to protect your homeland.

But you have unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, damage multiplayer, and many more fantastic features in this mod game that help you to destroy all the enemies efficiently.

This game allows you to buy and upgrade anything because you have every feature unlocked in this game for free. You also love amazing graphics and brilliant sound effects in this version.

You can download this game from this website for free with fully unblocked premium features and get enjoyment from diverse incredible space wars.

Space Shooter MOD Features:

Space Shooter MOD APK has many excellent features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Diamonds

  • In Space Shooter MOD APK, you enjoy unlimited diamonds or gems that enable you to do any activity with these endless resources of diamonds.
  • You enjoy fantastic gameplay with unlimited gems that push you to the strongest man against the enemies.

Fantastic Graphics and Sound Effects

  • This game gives you very captivating and powerful graphics which create a very interesting 3D environment with unique in-game challenges.
  • You also enjoy the stunning and thrilling sound effects. These sound effects create lots of entertainment and joy during different space fights.

Fight with different dangerous Bosses 

  • This game has various dangerous bosses with different characteristics and powers.
  • These bosses lead the whole army or a group of enemies to destroy your spaceship. You faced diverse types of aliens, robots, and many more destructive enemies in this game.

Upgrade your Spaceship

  • This game also offers you to upgrade your spaceship according to your hopes.
  • You need to upgrade your defense, weapons, canons, and many other items of your spaceship to kill the enemies easily.

Unlimited Money

  • This mod version also offers you unlimited money to get lots of enjoyment.
  • You can buy and upgrade anything in the game due to these features and also enjoy fully unblocked features in the game such as damage multiplayer, different boosters ad powerups.

Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

To download this mod version you need to delete the simple version of this game.

Yes, this game is free to download and play. 


Download Space Shooter MOD APK to enjoy very fantastic space battle gameplay where you fight with different enemies to protect your earth. You learn lots of amazing gaming skills by playing different in-gam challenges.

This game gives you fabulous graphics and sensational sound effects with fully unblocked features such as unlimited money, unlimited diamonds, etc. It is free to download from this website and has taken tons of joy and relaxation.

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