Stupid Zombies MOD APK v3.3.4 [Unlimited Ammo & Money]

App Name:Stupid Zombies MOD APK
Size:46 MB
Last Updated:18 Nov

About Stupid Zombies APK


Did you get bored with playing traditional fighting games? Do you want to explore the new genre of fighting games, which fills your heart with joy and thrill? Today we will talk about the Zombies Fighting games. Zombies Fighting games have more thrill and adventures at the same time.

Stupid Zombies MOD APK is the game, that we are talking about. This game is the advanced version of the previous one. This game comes with so many new and advanced features. 

Zombies are stupid, they have no brains. Zombies are humans, but they are infected with the virus. Now, these stupid zombies are striving to take control of this planet by infecting everyone.

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You are the last hope of this planet, you have one shotgun to kill these stupids. Open up to save the world from this catastrophic situation. But this thing is not as easy, as it looks. So, players have to be strategic to play this game and save the Earth. This game has a total of 720 levels. This game will add more flavor to your ordinary gaming life.


Stupid Zombies APK Gameplay

Stupid Zombies game has innovative and critical gameplay. Players can feel the pressure on their characters to protect the world. This game has three main characters, that players can choose.

The game has a dude with a shotgun, a girl with a fire gun, and an aged lady with her homemade hand grenades. Players can choose any one of the above characters. 

There are many levels of this game, and payers can move on to the next level by killing a specific amount of zombies in each level. The more you kill, the more you exceed the other levels. It’s always better to aim at the head of these brainless stupid zombies for maximum damage.   

Every level has multiple obstacles and helpful objects like wood barrels, explosive materials, tires, and other things to aid the players.


Stupid Zombies APK Features:

Multiple modes

  • Stupid Zombies game has three fascinating and challenging modes. These modes are creative in their type. Every mode demands a different level of expertise to conquer.
  • Three modes are Campaign mode, Survival, and Puzzle mode.


  • Stupid Zombies game has good quality graphics. These graphics can help the players to play for long times without feeling any pressure.
  • Color schemes are selected very precisely to aid the players. 

Survival mode

  • Stupid Zombie game has three different modes. But this survival mode is supreme of the other two. This mode pushes players’ game specialties to extreme levels.
  • Players have to kill as many as possible zombies, with all the available resources. The survival mode made this game more interesting to play.

Strong Audio Effects

  • Like all other competitive and big games, this game has strong audio effects too. Audio effects excite the overall gaming experience.
  • Gun-shot sounds and sounds of creepy zombies create the ambiance of a survival game.

Simple and Easy Controls

  • This game has simple and easy controls. Everyone from any age group can play this game without facing any issues. This game requires no prior gaming knowledge.


  • Ever wondered, what to do when you have no internet?  You can play this amazing game, even when you have no internet.
  • This game has an offline gameplay feature, which allows players to play this game anywhere anytime.

Tips To Play

Below are the essential tips to play this game more smoothly and more fun. 

  • Try to play the game when you have free time. This tip allows you to play the game for some time during which you clear your levels. This thing helps you to improve your game profile. 
  • Always aim at the zombie’s head to confirm the kill. 
  • Use helpful obstacles that you find on every level to protect yourself from zombies. 

Stupid Zombies MOD APK

Stupid Zombies MOD APK is the modified version of the original game. This MOD APK will help the new players to play this game like pros. This game has unlimited locked features. This MOD APK has endless ammo and quality weapons to kill these brainless zombies. 

This game has unlimited game coins that help the users to buy multiple amazing features from the game store. This game has all types of premium guns available in the game store. Players can choose the best guns with unlimited ammo to kill all these brainless infected humans. 

The developers made this game ad-free. No more irritating ads.  

Stupid Zombies MOD Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features you’ll get in this app:

Unlimited Money

  • This MOD APK has this useful feature. This feature allows the player to purchase everything wanted.
  • Unlimited money can make from the game from basic to advance, as this help the players to buy unlimited premium gadgets of the game.

VIP Club

  • Joining VIP Club in the original game costs you money. But through this MOD APK, you can join this VIP Club for free.
  • This club has many advantages that you will find in the game. 

No Reloading

  • Reloading the gun in intense situations might lead to catastrophe. This MOD APK solved this issue.
  • Now, players don’t have to reload the gun everything as reloads automatically. 

No more Zombie Attacks

  • This MOD APK has this wonderful feature. Through this feature, no zombies can attack you. You can easily kill as many zombies as you want because they no longer attack you.
  • Now, enjoy killing these stupids and saving the world.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You can get unlimited airstrikes in the original game by joining the VIP Club. Or you can get unlimited airstrikes by downloading this MOD APK. 

Yes indeed, this game is safe to download and install. This MOD APK doesn’t have any malware or malicious.


The stupid Zombie game has fun and thrill-packed features. This game will never make its player feel bored. You can unlock all premium features of this game by downloading this MOD APK. This MOD APK allows users to join the premium VIP Club for free. So, what are you waiting for? Download this MOD APK rightnow. 

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