Swordigo MOD APK v1.4.4 [Unlimited Money & Health]

App Name:Swordigo MOD APK
Publisher:Touch Foo
Size:45 MB
Last Updated:2 Days, Ago

About Swordigo MOD APK


Adventure in a game is different from real-life adventure and let me tell you a secret: the adventure in a game is more fun than real-life adventure. Swordigo MOD APK is one of the best 3D adventurous games filled with fun and fear.

If you love to fight with monsters and other horror creatures then it’s a perfect game for you. Complete the multiple missions or challenges given to you and earn money and rewards.

Nowadays Pubg and Free Fire are known as the best fighting games but if you want something different from this niche then Swordigo APK is the perfect blend as this game adds creative fun while playing.

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It was first released in 2012 on PC but now you can also enjoy this masterpiece on your mobile phone. The game has already crossed 10 million installations and is highly recommended by most gamers.

You will explore a huge world full of creatures and your mission will be to save the humans from the creatures by fighting along with your skills and strength. 


Swordigo APK Gameplay

This game has stunning and thrilling gameplay. The game has a 2.5D view with the help of which you can manipulate the game and score more. The easy-to-control system makes it more interesting and helps you guys to defeat your enemy right ahead.

Use the basic buttons on the screen including the jump, slide, and move options. The controls are simple to use like tapping the sword button to attack your enemies. Run faster by double-tapping the move button. Moreover, simply jump by tapping the jump button.

If you want to try out a higher jump just simply double-tap the jump button or hold it for a while. First, you will be introduced to a bomb named Magic Bolt with the help of which you can attack your enemies from a distance.

A sword will also be given to you to protect and fight against your enemies. Protecting yourself from the creatures or enemies will save your health. The enemies you will face mostly are Bandits, Grasswalkers, Bush Beetles, Ice Bats, and Blobs. The very first enemy you will face will be Grasswalkers. 

Check out the best sword to beat up your enemies, the first sword you will have would be a Brass sword. To get other and higher quality swords you have to buy them with soul. 

Upgrade your character to be unbeatable and use magic words to play the same with ease. 


Swordigo APK Features:

3D graphics 

  • As an adventure game, the graphics of the game are 3D to provide a high-quality gaming experience. The game has high picture quality and color contrast.  The locations are also amazing. 

Easy control system 

  • The controlling system of Swordigo MOD APK is incredible as it works very smoothly and easily. The amazing feature of the control system is that you can customize it to your wish.
  • To move the character in the game arrow buttons are there with the help of which you can move easily.
  • Moreover, there are easy sword buttons present to save yourselves from the monsters and fight against them. You can also customize the size of your control system according to your needs. 

Customize your character 

  • Upgrade your character to become unbeatable you can easily upgrade your character for difficult missions and challenges.
  • Upgrade your character with the latest swords and outfits so that your health will be saved. Do upgrade the abilities along with your character so that you can defeat an evil monster. 

Mysterious puzzles

  • Maybe most of you don’t know about these secret rewards that you get after playing these small mysterious puzzles. Swordigo APK will ask you random questions about the game and if answered correctly you will be able to know the latest story. So don’t ignore these mysterious puzzles. 

Wide variety of Incrediballs

  • The range of Incrediballs is more than 300. In which you will find 3 main categories and these are Seekers, Inhalers, and Protectors. 
  • Seekers are the ones who find up to 3 hidden things for you in-game. 
  • Inhalers are the ones that inhale all the stars from distance. 
  • And Protectors by name understandable are the ones who protect you from harm. 

Swordigo MOD APK

Swordigo MOD APK is the best way to get free from a boring life and add some adventure to it. Check out the modified version of Swordigo MOD APK. Here in this version players get unlimited resources, money, and gems.

The best feature is that you can restore your health with gems and can start the level from wherever you want. With unlimited soul shards, you can buy anything. 

Swordigo MOD APK Features:

Check out the fantastic features of Swordigo MOD APK and find amazing rewards. 

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited Money 
  • Unlimited resources 
  • Restore your health 
  • Unlimited Soul Shards 
  • No ads 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You can jump very high by buying the Dragon’s grasp using the grappling hook. 

Chill out because the game is only 45 MB and any device can handle it. 

Yes absolutely, you can play this game with or without the internet. Enjoy the game and have fun. 


Finding an adventure game at this stage has become too difficult. But Swordigo MOD APK solves your problem by presenting an amazing 3D graphics game. Here you will find branded new swords and beat the monsters.

You can also customize the control center on your wish device so you can play easily. Customize it according to your need and fight the monsters.

Going into the dungeon will be a new experience for you as you will find useful resources but don’t forget there is more danger down as you will face strong enemies to survive these enemies using magical spells, weapons, and abilities. 

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