The Room MOD APK v1.08 [Premium Version]

App Name:The Room MOD APK
Publisher:Fireproof Games
Genre:Puzzle Games
Size:228 MB
Last Updated:12 Aug

About The Room MOD APK

The Room MOD APK is a new and great 3D game developed by the most competent game creators “Fireproof Games”. The game has many features that are full of mystery and ready to astonish its players.

Players are sent to an empty and dark room all alone in the game. This room is a mysterious place. This open room has many things in the room that maybe the hints for you to escape it.

Players are bonded with the time frame in the room, they have to manage to escape the room in the given time. Otherwise, they are stuck in the room for eternity. 

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Players will discover a bizarre box in the room that has any description. This box is very interesting and strange both at the same time. The box can be the way out of the room, but it has a need that needs to be solved. 

When you’re in the game, try to be as patient as you could and look for the hints. These hints are the only way out. Be ready to enter the psychotogenic journey and unlock the mysterious room created by an insane scientist.

The Room APK Gameplay

The Room game has a mind-blowing gameplay experience. It is the simulation of real-life mystery rooms. Players explore many bizarre things as they gameplay forward. All these things together make the best escape room ever. Join now to start escaping the rooms with your special ability to find hints.

The Room APK Features:

Mystery Room

  • Along with the other interesting features of the game, the room itself is an outstanding feature. The room has very low lights and many weird-looking things, that are not making any sense.
  • The room is created in such a way that it can play the psyche of the players. So, don’t freak out, and try to be as focused as you can. 

Hint Findings 

  • The Room APK has a wonderfully designed room with lots of hints for the players to find out. It is a fact that the room has many fascinating things to look out for. But never forget that you’re trapped in this room.
  • So, try to find the hints the only way out is to solve the mysteries of the room by hints and unlock the room. Try to make sense by joining these hints and escape for your freedom.

Tips To Play 

  • The Room game has a big room with lots of things. Not all things in the room are worth watching but some. It’s always better to get 360 views of the room by moving your mobile device in various directions. 
  • Hints are not always in the form of objects. Hints can be any number or sequence of letters that are engraved on anything available in zoom. Always zoom in on all the objects to check if they have something written on it or not.

Don’t Give up too early 

  • The game is a masterpiece in the genre of physiological games. This game will shake your soul as you entered the room. Players can freak out as the time is running and you have to unlock the room in the given time.
  • Players might feel that the room is not breakable or solvable but believe me, the room contains all of the hints that are necessary to break the mechanism of the room.
  • Don’t ever try to give up soo early and push your intelligence level to its extreme to decode the hints.

The Room MOD APK

Till now, this room must attract you to play this and solve the puzzles. But wait do you know that this room is not free but paid to download? Players have to pay 0.99$ to purchase this game.

And what if you don’t have any extra money to spend on the game? Don’t worry we got you, The Room MOD APK is the modified and free version of the game. It means that you don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned money on the game. You can download this MOD APK free from this website.

The Room MOD Features:

Mysterious box of the game

  • As long as you enter the room, you will notice a mysterious box in the room. This box has its attributes, it’s classic, and it has lots of puzzle-looking things on it.
  • All hints of the room are used to decode this box. Be creative and fast to decode all of your hints to solve the box puzzle. 


  • One of the ultimate features of this MOD APK is, it’s free. Players who don’t want to pay 0.99$ which is its actual price on the google play store can download this MOD APK free from this site.
  • Besides being free, this MOD APK has lots of other cool features. The Room MOD APK has all of the premium features of the original game unlocked for players. 


  • The Room MOD APK has graphics that are worth watching. These graphics have the power to convene and make anyone a fan.
  • From every small detail of the hints to the structure of the room, everything plays its role in making the visuals so interesting. 

IQ Test

  • The Room is a mind and puzzle-solving game. These types of games help the players to explore their problem-solving abilities.
  • The Room pushes the players to see from each perspective very precisely. 

No More ADs

  • The Room MOD APK doesn’t have any maddening in-game advertisements. Players are now capable of playing their favorite game for free and without any irritations.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the rooms of the game are designed in such a way, that the rooms are very difficult to escape but not impossible. Every room of the game has enough hints to unlock that specific room.


The Room MOD APK tickles your mind through its unique and interesting in-game puzzles. Moreover, the game is not officially free but our developers made this MOD APK free for everyone. Players who want to check their mental abilities and their problem-solving skills must download this game.

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