TMNT Legends MOD APK v1.22.2 [All Characters Unlocked]

App Name:TMNT Legends MOD APK
Publisher:Ludia Inc.
Size:100.61 MB
Last Updated:2 Days, Ago

About TMNT Legends APK


TMNT Legends MOD APK is a very iconic game featuring none other than the Ninja Turtles itself. The sole purpose or story behind TMNT Legends revolves around Leonardo since the characters like Raphael, Donatello as well as Michaelangelo are kidnapped. Now you know how you have to play your part. It’s simple, you will have to save them.

Leonardo will have help from other characters that are also a part of TMNT Legends. Characters like Karai as well as Casey Jones will assist Leonardo on the journey to rescue other ninjas. Moreover, you will have the chance to select five different characters that you can take with you on your adventure.

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This is one of the coolest action games you will ever play. The characters, the story, as well as the locations, will take you on the greatest ninja experience of your life. Keep your mission in mind, and then you can easily enjoy playing TMNT Legends.


TMNT Legends APK Gameplay

If you are looking to play something that involves applying strategy then TMNT Legends MOD APK is the one that you should play. It will keep you hooked for hours because of its mind-blowing visuals and interesting sounds.

One extra benefit you get is that you will get so many missions to play. And not just imaginary missions but real ones are taken from actual action movies.

Now coming to the clashes of TMNT Legends, every ninja has a unique ability or skill that you will have to destroy the enemy. Talking about Leonardo then he is only capable of fighting by using simple punches and attacks.

His major strength is that he can cure a lot of wounds, so it gets helpful. On the other hand, karai can destroy the opponents all at once but doesn’t have the curing power. Thus each character is given a different power and strength. 

Now you can play with more characters and even upgrade their abilities and strengths. Download TMNT Legends now and play with your favorite Ninjas. 


TMNT Legends APK Features:

Now let us cover some of the best features of TMNT Legends.

Demanding Missions

  • In the Ninja turtle game, you get a limited amount of energy every day. You need to keep your limited energy in mind while completing the missions.
  • If you run out of energy power, then you’ll have to spend extra money on energy refills. So playing this game with strategy is very important and see how you can complete missions with the limited energy you have.

Impressive Graphics

  • The graphics of TMNT Legends are great. The visuals as well as the character development are just astonishing. Together with cool graphics, you get high-quality sounds that make the game more fun and interesting to play.

Real Action Scenes

  • You won’t believe it, but the scenes and the characters along with the missions of this game are taken from real action movies. Thus giving you a real and challenging experience when you play Ninja turtles.

Tips To Play

The game is a little tough in terms of fighting. These mentioned tips will teach you how to play with your Ninja

  • Playing with strategy is very important because you are given a certain amount of energy every day.
  • Your task is to finish each mission with the given energy you have. So don’t waste it.
  • Your Ninja has many abilities. Use its energy wisely.
  • Take five characters with you. Each character will help you rescue your friends. 
  • Play TMNT Legends regularly and get daily rewards, once you complete the missions. 


TMNT Legends MOD APK takes you on an incredible and adventurous ninja turtle journey

The storyline of this TMNT Legends is so exciting that you can play this game for hours and not get tired. Select your Ninja and save your ninja friends that have been kidnapped. Make sure to use the best weapons so that you can easily defeat anything that comes your way.

Along your journey, you will witness a lot of new mutants that are specially designed to destroy the tortoises. The city you will play in is crazy.

It is full of robbers and thieves. You will have to stay careful and look for your kidnapped friends. Download TMNT Legends and experience an epic battle between ninjas and their enemies. 

TMNT Legends MOD Features:

Some of the epic modified Features of TMNT Legends are listed below.

Campaign Mode

  • In the modified version, a special campaign mode is also available for users to practice and improve their skills.
  • They can practice in this mode and learn how to make the Ninja fight. The campaign mode is perfect for beginners to learn Ninja fighting.

Efficient Controls

  • The efficient controls of Ninja Turtle make it very easy for the users to play. The attacking, as well as the moving buttons, appear at the bottom of your screen. Use these buttons to defeat the enemy and complete missions.


  • Upgrade without investing. Now with the modified version you get maximum upgradation of your Ninja.
  • In this way, you can increase the strength of your character. They will fight more strongly and defeat the enemy more efficiently. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You get lots of characters like Leonardo as well as Raphael.

You will have to complete missions to unlock the characters to play with.

Yes, the TMNT Legends is quite known for providing quality visuals.


One of the best Role-playing games is TMNT Legends MOD APK. It’s time for you to get the best gaming experience by playing Ninja Turtles.

It’s perfect for people who love strategy and mind games. You need to ensure the energy life of each character and complete the missions keeping that in mind. 

The stunning graphics of the game leaves the audience in awe. Every character is designed perfectly. The color scheme of the TMNT Legends is also very vibrant. And then coming to the background music and the sound of weapons and tools.

Everything is beautifully designed. Now you should get your hands on this game before it’s too late. Download the epic Ninja turtle and get ready to face Ninja fighting.

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