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Last Updated:Oct 24, 2022

About Twitter MOD APK


Twitter MOD APK is one of the oldest apps that is used worldwide. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can use Twitter anytime. Keep your fans or followers updated regarding everything you do. In this way, they will be able to reply with a tweet.

It is very basic to use. Just make your account, and see who you want to follow. When you follow a person all their tweets are shown on your feed. From there you can either retweet, like, or comment if you like. 

Perhaps one of the key benefits of using Twitter is that it keeps you updated regarding everything. Not only what’s happening in your friend’s life but also what is happening in the world.

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Through Twitter, you can participate in several campaigns that you think are important. Communicate with your friends and share your thoughts online. 

If you still haven’t downloaded the app, it’s time that you do and gets the updates regarding everything that is happening around you.


Twitter APK

Twitter MOD APK came before Instagram and Snapchat. It is one of the oldest used apps of all time. From sports to any political news and then lastly entertainment. Everything happens so fast on Twitter.  

Twitter also provides live streaming options. You can explore anything you want through hashtags. Go to the search bar, and you will see trending hashtags just below. Those hashtags tell you about all the important things happening in the whole world.

Just at the bottom of your screen, you get a toolbar through which you can see your notifications, messages, etc.

Follow your favorite celebrities and get to know about their life. If any person’s tweets bother you, you can unfollow them anytime. 

The trending part about Twitter is one of the best parts. Through a single click, you can see what’s trending on social media and you have the option to even tweet about it.

Thus twitter allows you to make your own opinion about anything that’s happening in the world. May it be sports-related or politics. You can share your opinions however you like.


Twitter APK Features:

Now let’s take you through some of the coolest features of Twitter.

Night Mode Feature

  • People who love dark color themes can change their settings to night mode. In this way, the color scheme will change to dark colors.
  • Most likely to be black. The night mode feature gives you a nice and cool app experience. 


  • Twitter allows you to completely build your profile. You can select your age as well as gender. Then your likes and dislikes.
  • You can even describe yourself in a few words and upload your hashtags just below your profile picture. Make your profile look interesting so that people follow you. 

Discover new topics

  • In the beginning when you set up your entire profile. The app also asks you to select your hobbies.
  • In this way, you can decide all your hobbies and then according to that, you will get your trending hashtags. Thus whatever you like, will appear on your feed and will be shown to you. 

Tips to use

Once you download Twitter, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Make your profile look interesting. Add all your details, likes as well as hobbies. This will attract other people to follow you back.
  • Get yourself noticed. Retweets other people’s tweets. In this way, people will see your retweets too and you will get noticed.
  • Participate in trends, and tweet about popular hashtags. And voice your opinion regarding anything.
  • Tweet frequently, the more you are active, the higher chances for you getting followers.

Twitter MOD APK

If you want to remain up to date about the current affairs and events happening around you, then Twitter MOD APK is the right app for you. You can stay up to date regarding everything.

Whatever is going on on social media, Twitter will have the entire information regarding it. May it be a piece of entertaining news or a serious one. Twitter will update you. 

Through Twitter, you get a chance to engage genuinely with people around you. Make friends, listen to your friends, and speak to them by tweeting your thoughts. In this way, all of you can stay connected to each other.

Explore all kinds of trending topics and tweet if you have any opinions about them. Every opinion matters, so don’t be afraid to not share your opinions. With Twitter, you can directly communicate with powerful celebrities. So it is your chance to change everything. 

Twitter MOD Features:

Now let’s begin discussing the modified features of Twitter.

Latest Trends

  • With the new modified twitter, get to know about all the latest trends and take part in it by tweeting about it. The more you tweet the current hashtags. The more people will notice you and you will gain more followers.

Customized themes 

  • The new modified twitter lets you customize your favorite themes. You can either select the dark mode, or the light one depending on your preference. The Twitter app will customize it rightly for you.

No Ad’s 

  • Yes, you heard it right. Now with the new modified version. You don’t get any ads while using the application. Now you can do all the streaming without getting bothered by annoying advertisements. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter has always been on the top of all of the applications.

You should be 18 plus to use Twitter.

Yes, you get the dark mode feature in this application. 


So now we know that Twitter MOD APK is the application that will keep you updated about everything. This is the platform where you can pursue anything that fascinates you. Like, share, comment or tweet. Twitter is the application that provides you with all the latest news.

You can even direct messages to the people you want to and even respond to any topic. Voice your opinions, because it matters whether your tweet goes viral or you are talking in private messages. 

It’s time to make yourself popular on Twitter. Handle your Twitter account wisely. Tweet good things. Make friends, participate in campaigns that are of your interest and. Share your thoughts in the form of a tweet, you will be surprised at how many people respond to it. 

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