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About Vector MOD APK


Vector MOD APK is the most famous parkour running game. The game starts with the jump of our hero from the 30th floor of the building. Jumping from such a high height can cause his death, but our hero is a parkour artist and have good diving skills. 

Vector is the name of our game hero. Vector is running from his mysterious job in an unknown company. Vector has freedom of space and is always watched by the higher authorities of the company. 

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So, our hero decides to run away from this job where freedom is not more than just a dream. Companies’ security is now chasing the Vector but our hero has good parkour skills with which he climbs from multiple buildings. 

The path has multiple obstacles and Vector has to keep moving ahead without hitting himself with these obstacles because our primary mission is to get escaped from this suspicious world and live life on our terms. So, be ready to run this race that’s gonna decide your future.


Vector APK Gameplay

Much interesting gameplay is provided by this game. The futuristic storyline of the game enhanced its overall gameplay. Players don’t need to do many things to do to control the game. Everything can be controlled by one tap. 

Its diverse graphics and unique obstacles keep the game’s difficulty to a supreme level. Players cant find this game as a game for children. The game has multiple in-game stories that take place at different locations. Players have to complete each part of the story before moving to the other one.


Vector APK Features:

Many Parkour Moves

  • Vector APK has multiple parkour moves available in the game. These moves can help our hero to run super fast without hitting any of the difficult obstacles. 
  • There are over 100 parkour moves available in the game and the game keeps getting new parkour styles with each new update. 
  • Players can unlock these parkour moves with the help of game coins, which can be earned by completing different missions.

Never Ending buildings

  • It is not an easy task to run away from these evil forces of the game so easily. The mysterious company has an evil vision of taking control of the world and the freedom of individuals. 
  • Vector has to jump over multiple buildings to get rid of the companies’ security. So, keep your morale high and try to be positive while running for your freedom.

HD Graphics 

  • These high-definition graphics of the game are just a cherry on top. These graphics make this game so simple and fun to play. It’s not easy to play running games that lack good quality graphics. 
  • But, the visuals, parkours, stunts, and multiple obstacles on the path make this game, worth playing.

One Finger Control

  • Vector APK can be controlled by only one finger. Players don’t have to use multiple fingers and struggle with the game controls.
  • Our character can perform multiple stunts, climb, jump and slide through the obstacle with a single tap.

Update Appearance

  • If you’re getting bored by playing with the default game character, then you’re not the first one. Most players have these feelings. To eliminate this thing, the game offers multiple updates or customization to your game characters.
  • Players can upgrade the appearance of the characters by purchasing hats, new coats, and other accessories with game coins.

Tips To Play 

  • As you’re running away from the chaser, you will find various sorts of things to collect like data chips. Data Chips is the name of the currency that is available in this game. Try to collect as many data chips as you can and spend those data chips wisely. As they are always in short supply. 
  • This game is a perfect blend of speed and control. You need to get yourself saved from the obstacles. Players need to do a quick response when obstacles came in front of them. If you don’t respond quickly get yourself hit by the obstacle and chased by the companies’ security.

Vector MOD APK

Vector MOD APK is an insanely advanced version of the vector original game. This parkour game has mind-boggling visuals and sound effects. 

Players can hear the footsteps of the person who chases them. These graphics will get the shit out of you. If you’re so impressed by the game, stop here we have something for you. 

Our modded version of the Vector has put this game on another level. Players can find this MOD APK more interesting and addictive to play than the original. Multiple features of the MOD APK can be explored by the players when they land in the game.

Vector MOD APK Features


  • Vector MOD APK has multiple game stages. With each increasing game level, the difficulty of the game also keeps increasing.
  • With time players can unlock many advanced parkour stunts that keep the game interesting.

Unlocked Moves 

  • The game is more interesting with advanced parkour skills. These skills can be unlocked by spending game coins, which are rarely available.
  • So, this MOD APK adds all of the premium moves and parkour skills without any coins. Just select the move and start playing with it. No need to buy game things anymore. 

No More Interruptions

  • In-game advertisements can sometimes boil the blood of gamers while they are playing.  Everyone hates these inappropriate ads.
  • By keeping this serious issue in the mind, our team of developers eliminated these ads from this MOD APK. No ads will disturb you from now.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Players can download the modded version of the vector game effortlessly by downloading the game setup from this website. 


Vector MOD APK is an excellent game of its genre. Multiple other running games are famous too in the market, but most of them have the same storyline. 

The beauty of this game is in its storyline and the freedom struggle of our hero. If you’re a person who loves to play these types of struggling games and didn’t install this game yet, believe me, you’re missing the most. 

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