Vita MOD APK v234.4.1 [Premium & Without Watermark]

App Name:Vita MOD APK
Publisher:SNOW, Inc.
Genre:Video Player & Edit
Size:115 MB
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2022

About Vita MOD APK


This Vita MOD APK is an outstanding video editing application. It comprises all the features that a professional videographer may need. Start exploring this application and make amazing videos with master effects and high-quality features.

The videos can easily be exported without disturbance in the quality. In addition, try this app, apply various filters and make amazing videos.

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Video transitions are also added to this application to make the videos more aesthetic and appealing. Install it and get a complete insight into high-quality video editing.


Vita APK Gameplay

This tool helps in making high-quality videos. Also, all the videos are eye-catching and appealing and are made using this application. It also comprises numerous templates that prove easy for the videographers.

You can find templates of numerous categories on this application and make the videos according to your desired effect. Add text and stickers to your videos and create interesting videos. Moreover, this application provides high effect, amazing filters, and sound.


Vita APK Features:

Following are the Vita APK features that should be experienced by all gaming enthusiasts:

Adjustable Speed

  • If you want high-quality slow-mo videos, fast videos, or matrix-like, then this application is a sure fit for you. You can easily create time-lapse videos.
  • However, this Vita APK provides adjustable playback speed through which the video can easily be slowed down or sped up. This exclusive effect will add more uniqueness to your video.

Variety of Filters

  • Here you can choose any type of filter according to your choice. This Vita comes with amazing modulation and high-quality filter effects. Many custom filters are also there which provide a static appeal to the video.
  • These filters comprise many perfect colors. You can easily make your high-quality reels from this application in a very short time. Therefore, the filters help in creating more prominent and highly followed videos.

Bundle of Templates

  • Vita APK provides you with the choice of a bundle of high-quality video templates. The videos can be made a high performance with the help of different category templates. Choose from thousands of free templates and add more strength to your videos. Make different reels for your social media accounts.

Tips To Use

  • You can add a floating window which helps in using other apps or chatting also while using this app.
  • Use premium unlocked templates for high-quality video creation.


The Vita MOD APK offers exciting themes and lovely soundtracks. All these are effective in making high-quality videos in this modified version. The exporting issues are also solved.

The watermark will also be removed when you save a video made from this Vita MOD APK. Experience this bug-free and modified version for free.

All your videos can also be enhanced with amazing filters, effects, and high-efficiency content. There is no expertise needed for using the Vita MOD. 

This is a pro video creating an app that is free to use. Android installation of this application is very easy and this modified version is upgraded and without any watermark. All the functions, features, themes, background, and templates are up to date and ensure a high-quality video created by all the users.

Vita MOD APK Features:

Following are the high-quality Vita MOD APK features that are sure to consider by all videographers:

  • This modified version of the Vita application will provide no copyright issue.
  • It provides powerful and high-efficiency video editing techniques. Excellent videos can be made from your Android smartphone’s camera with the help of this application. The videos can easily be edited to make them more attractive using this Vita APK MOD. This application serves as a great tool for all video makers.
  • However, experience and explore many text designs in this video-making app. Different types of free and stunning text designs are available which helps in adding more customizability to the video. All the designs are beautiful and customizable. Simple text is available with a variety of fonts. Explore all the designs and choose according to the type of your video. You can easily customize the text using a variety of font colors and sizes.
  • Moreover, video speed can easily be controlled by this tool. This is a good feature for adding a slow-mo effect on increasing the speed of your video.
  • In addition, all the users can easily export different types of videos after editing without any watermark. This is the most prominent feature of this modified version of the Vita application. If a simple version of Vita APK is downloaded from the Play Store, then the video can’t be exported without the watermark. But in this modified version, a high-quality video can be saved and downloaded without any watermark for free.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

The Vita MOD APK link is virus free and already scanned. It is completely safe to use.

No, it is completely easy to use. The app does not depend on an internet connection. It can be played both online and offline.

Indeed, you can easily get benefits through the multiplayer option. Connect with your friends on different social media platforms. Play, give challenges to your friend, and win the game.


This Vita MOD APK provides several features that will help you in the creation of your videos. Therefore, the app has a user-friendly and beautiful interface. The collection of themes and templates will blow your mind. This app offers high-quality transition effects and filters for the creation of appealing videos. 

It also provides a great benefit of saving the videos without the watermark. This application is a premium app. Also, everything in this Vita APK is free and doesn’t cost anything to use. Install this version on your Android mobile phone and explore the unlocked premium features.

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