WhatsApp MOD APK v2.22.22.80 [Latest Version]

App Name:WhatsApp MOD APK
Publisher:WhatsApp LLC
Size:42 MB
Last Updated:27 Oct

About WhatsApp MOD APK


Whatsapp MOD APK is a well-known free application for messages and calls. This application is owned by META, which owns other famous apps like Facebook and Instagram. Whatsapp became famous worldwide in a spit due to its vast advantages. 

Whatsapp allows its users to make audio and video calls to their contacts without spending any money. No matter where your contacts are. Even if they live abroad, you can make unlimited audio, and video calls and send chats in texts or voice notes.

You might be thinking about the privacy and security of your data on this application. Well, you don’t need to worry about privacy, as all calls and chats are end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption means that no outsider can read your chats even WhatsApp itself, as they are in encrypted form.

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The layout of this application is simple and user-friendly, which allows anyone to use and take advantage of this application. The application allows its users to create group chats, using this feature users can add up to 512 members in a group chat.

Users just need a contact number and an active internet connection to use this application. Your WhatsApp account will be associated with your contact number. 


WhatsApp APK Features:

Free voice and video calls 

  • The main functional attribute of this application is free calls around the globe. Whatsapp will charge no money from its users to make international calls.
  • This feature of the application revolutionalized the way of communication. Now anyone can call anyone anywhere in the world for free.
  • The only restriction of chatting is that both senders and receivers must have an account on WhatsApp. 

Group chats

  • The other most noticeable feature of this application is the facility of creating group chats. Users can add up to 512 members in one group chat according to their needs.
  • Users can create group chats with their friends, office colleagues, relatives, or anyone. The admin of the group has the right of adding or removing people in the group chat. 

Stay updated with your status 

  • Whatsapp allows users to share their life events or special announcements with their friends by putting them on their status.
  • The application let the users select who can watch their status by using the status privacy feature.
  • So, if users don’t feel comfortable sharing their status with some they can exclude them from the status privacy option. 

Web Compatibility 

  • Users can use WhatsApp on their computers with its web compatibility feature. To do so, search we.whastapp.com in your computer’s browser, and you will see a QR code on your screen.
  • Now, click on the linked device option on your WhatsApp application and scan the QR code. You’re good to go now.

Backup of chats 

  • Whatsapp allows users to back up their data automatically. This feature helps to keep important chats safe in case of any inconvenience.  

Tips to use

  • If you’re looking for a specific chat or a message and couldn’t find it. Then you should use the search option that appears at the top of the application. You can find any chat with the saved contact number. Using this way, you can also find any specific message from any chat. 
  • Users can change the default theme in the settings. If you want to put wallpaper in the background of any chat, you can also do it through the customization settings.  

WhatsApp MOD APK

Whatsapp MOD APK is nothing but just an updated and modified version of the official one. Official one has many restrictions due to undefined reasons like you can’t add more than 512 members in a group chat and others. Due to all these restrictions, WhatsApp MOD APK came into being. 

This MOD APK has all of the official and other advanced features too. All restrictions are eliminated in this MOD APK, you can improve your privacy by hiding your last seen and blue ticks. Users can find much more features in this MOD APK.

WhatsApp MOD Features:

No limits on sharing files 

  • In the official version of this application. Users couldn’t send more than 30 files at once. If you have to send more than 30 files then you can send them in a group of files.
  • This restriction has nothing to do with this MOD APK. Users of MOD APK can transfer any number of files at once without any issue.

Hide last seen  

  • Last seen is the feature that tells people about your last visit on WhatsApp. But if you’re using a WhatsApp MOD APK, you can hide this from everyone and no one is gonna know about your last seen. 

No more blue ticks 

  • When someone sent you a chat, when you open it up the sender knows it as the tick before the message turns blue. But, if you want to read the chats without getting caught you can use this MOD APK and hide your blue ticks. 

Save status 

  • Whatsapp didn’t allow us to save or download the status of any users. This thing can be done easily with the help of this MOD APK. You can save any picture or video from any status without their knowledge.
  • You can also hide your status seen, which means no one is gonna know whether you watched their status or not. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can set up this two-step verification for their account on WhatsApp. This feature help users secure their account from any intruders. 

Yes, WhatsApp MOD APK is the safest version. Users can use this MOD APK without any fear of losing their data.


Whatsapp MOD APK is the most frequently and most widely used chat application in the world. Its users are constantly increasing day by day due to its extraordinary features.

Users love this MOD APK more than the official one, as this gave them more privacy and security. If you want to use Whatsapp anonymously, consider downloading this MOD APK. 

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