Zedge MOD APK v7.48.5 [Subscription & Premium Unlocked]

App Name:Zedge MOD APK 
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Last Updated:17 Aug

About Zedge MOD APK


Don’t worry if you get bored of anything very quickly, because it is human nature to get bored of things very fast. The same goes with your mobile phone, if you already feel bored, using the default interface of your mobile phone, and want something new and interesting. Stay with us, as we are going to provide a one-stop solution to all your mobile customization problems. 

The application we will talk about today is Zedge MOD APK. The Zedge application is specially designed to customize the interface of mobile devices with its large number of wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds.

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This application has more than 100 million users around the globe. The popularity of this application is due to its easy-to-use interface and millions of interesting wallpapers for mobile devices.

This application has diverse categories of artwork available to its users. Users explore these categories according to their interests. Thousands of talented artists from around the world regularly upload their artwork on this application. Users can follow their favorite artists to get notified about every new update from them.


Zedge APK Features:

Limitless customizations

  • The Zedge application is well-known for its unlimited features for device customization. These features include millions of wallpapers, live wallpapers, and much more.
  • By using these features users can completely change the look and feel of their devices. Try this application now and get lost in its many engaging features.

Live wallpapers

  • Traditional wallpapers can easily be found anywhere online. But the feature that makes this application stand out from others is its live wallpapers.
  • Live wallpapers are the most realistic ones. It creates the illusion of realism. Users have access to millions of these live wallpapers to use and make their interface very appealing and attractive.

Millions of ringtones 

  • Along with living wallpapers, Zedge also has millions of interesting ringtones to replace the original boring ringtones.
  • Ringtones of all genres are available in this application. Soothing sounds that make you feel comfortable and relaxed can be found in this application.
  • There are also millions of funny ringtones too. So, download these fascinating ringtones and make yourself stand out from others.

Easy download 

  • The best feature of this application so far is its easy download. This feature allows users to download anything like wallpapers, ringtones, notification sounds, or packs of stickers. Anything that appeals to users is downloadable in this application.

Free credits

  • Along with millions of free resources, some stuff is not free because it is exclusive content. Users need to purchase the premium version of Zedge to download these items or unlock them with free credits.
  • These free credits can be collected by watching advertisement videos that are available in the application.
  • All exclusive items have a different number of credits required to download them. So, try to collect as many credits as possible to get these exclusive wallpapers and other things for free.

Tips to use

  • Collect as many credits as possible to get premium stuff without paying any charges. To get these, watch ads on a regular basis. 
  • Whenever you find a good artwork that meets your interests. Try following the artist of this artwork. There’s a healthy chance that this artist creates artwork that pulls you in. You’ll be notified whenever your favorite artist posts something new.


Zedge MOD APK is an application in which you don’t even need to spend any money to purchase a subscription. Everything in this MOD APK is free for its users. If we talk about the cost of purchasing a subscription, it is way too much.

It’s $11 per month and if you subscribe for a year it’s $39.99 which is still too expensive. Say no to the paid subscription and download this MOD APK now to enjoy the ad-free interface of this application.

Zedge MOD Features:

Premium features 

  • Zedge MOD APK has many interesting eye-catching features and all of them are free. Downloading this MOD APK does not affect your pocket.
  • But gives you many features that you always desire to have. This MOD APK makes it possible for everyone to download their favorite content from this application whether it is free or paid.

Unlimited credit

  • Credits are the points within the application that are used to unlock premium stuff like premium wallpapers and ringtones. These points can be collected by watching ads on your application, but only if you are using the free version of the application.
  • Because our MOD APK gives you unlimited credits to get all the locked content without spending your precious time watching those annoying ads.

No Ads 

  • Finally, the best feature of this application so far is, it has no ads. Users of the free version may face this problem a lot as these ads are sometimes so annoying. Moreover, you cannot skip these ads for a certain amount of time.
  • It is always better to have an ad-free interface which is only possible with our MOD APK. Download it today and free yourself from these restrictions.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Zedge MOD APK collects user data but don’t worry. This data is only used to give you the best suggestions for wallpapers and other resources based on your search activities.

Yes, Zedge MOD APK is made completely free for everyone. Just download this MOD APK from this website and use it directly without paying anything for services.  


Let’s wrap this whole thing up. If you are a person who loves to customize things and make them more interesting. Then Zedge MOD APK is the only application that meets your needs. 

As this application has a lot of wallpapers and other interesting things with the help of which users can completely change the interface of their mobile devices. Live wallpapers can improve your user experience with your device. So, download this MOD APK now.

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