Zoom MOD APK v5.12.2.9059 [Premium Unlocked]

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About Zoom MOD APK


Since the beginning of the world, the communication system had come into existence. Humans are now able to share their emotions and feelings with their loved ones through communication. 

In today’s fast-moving world where everyone is busy, ease of communication is very much needed. 

Different applications are already available in the market for this purpose. But today we will talk about an application that has left other applications of its type far behind.

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The name of the application we were talking about is Zoom video conference. This application is well known for its video conferences. This application eliminated all the distances and joined the world. With its help, people can communicate easily. 

Zoom MOD APK just doesn’t shorten the distances between people, but with its help, education is also reached in many remote areas where there were no schools.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, this application helps lots of businesses to continue their operations from their homes. Education systems around the world continued with the help of this application as no one could leave their house due to the deadly Covid 19 virus.  


Zoom APK Features:

Hd audio and video calls 

  • The first feature of this application is that it helps users to make HD audio and video calls. The quality of these calls doesn’t affect by geographical distances.
  • No matter where your friends or family are, you will experience the same audio and video quality as you feel if you’re in the same room.
  • Users from anywhere in the world can use this application to hear and see their relatives or friends by making video calls.

Video Conferences 

  • The ultimate and comprehensive feature of this application that makes it so famous is video conferences.
  • This application is specially made for cooperation around the world. Multiple organizations and companies use this application for their online video meetings. 
  • Companies can also conduct their internal meetings with this application, which helps them save money that would otherwise have been spent on travel and accommodation of company personnel. 


  • As we have already mentioned, this application is not only for conferences but also useful for educational purposes. Teachers conduct their classes through this application.
  • This application allows the creators of meetings to record their sessions. These sessions can be used by other people later.  

Hand raise options 

  • Users can have up to 100 participants in their zoom video conferences or meetings. It’s not an easy task to handle all the participants especially if you’re teaching.
  • It’s hard to understand if many students start questioning at the same time. To eliminate these issues, zoom has an option for hand raises.
  • Students who have doubts can raise their hands in the application and the teacher allows them to ask one after another. This makes the environment more clean and calm.

Tips to use

  • If you’re running on a busy schedule, you might forget to create the meeting room. To remove this risk, users can use pre-scheduled meetings. Using this feature users can create a meeting before and due date and the meeting will starts automatically at the given time.
  • If you are a teacher and you want to know which children have entered your class. You can use the attendance feature of this application. By doing this, all your students need to mark their attendance before the class.


Zoom MOD APK is the highly optimized and advanced version of the original application. MOD APKs is the modified version of the official apps. 

These MOD APKs have all of the features that paid versions contain. Similarly, Zoom MOD APK has all paid features that are so costly if we purchase them. 

Zoom MOD APK Features:

No time limits 

  • Originally if you were using a free/basic version of the zoom application, your meeting will only continue for 40 minutes and disconnects automatically after it.
  • And if you want to exceed your time limit you have to purchase the subscription.
  • But you can get the same feature without paying any money in our MOD APK. Users will not have any time limits from now on.

Virtual Backgrounds

  • Suppose you have to attend a zoom meeting from your room, but your room is messed up badly. What would you do in this situation? Well, don’t worry we have the solution to this problem in our amazing zoom application.
  • This application lets users change their backgrounds virtually during the meeting. Users can use this feature by selecting the background option on this application. 
  • Zoom APK provides hundreds of simple and sophisticated backgrounds that users can select during meetings. 

Remove the host

  • Host refers to the person who has created the zoom meeting. By default, the host has the right to remove any participant from the meeting but no one can remove the host.
  • But as we are talking about the features of this MOD APK, this MOD APK has given this power to participants also. With our MOD APK users can remove the hosts from the meetings.  

Unlimited participants 

  • Originally, zoom allow only 100 participants in any meeting including the host. If you want to add more than 100 participants to a meeting, it is not possible to do so.
  • But if you still want to break this rule, you need to download this MOD APK. This will help you to add as many participants as you want to the meeting. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this popular zoom application is available to both Android and IOS devices.


As you all know by now how much important this Zoom MOD APK is. Users don’t need to purchase any premium membership to use the paid features. As they are all free in this MOD APK. Users can now create limitless meetings with their friends or colleagues. Users can share their shares with other participants in the meeting if needed. 

Unlimited virtual backgrounds are also available in this application. This MOD APK will save both your time and money. Take my words that you will never disappoint after downloading this application

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